Player Spotlight: Drew Gibson

Player Spotlight: Drew Gibson

Drew Gibson, 2012 prospect from Northgate High School in Newnan, Ga., showed last spring he has all the measureables as a BCS conference linebacker. At 6-1 and 220 pounds he has legitimate 4.6 speed, and his lateral speed is just as good.

His skills aren't limited to combines. Drew Gibson has been dominant in this early part of his junior campaign so teams have been running away from his side of the field. He has received a great deal of attention from some powerhouse programs, and recently he traveled to the state of Alabama to take in a game in front of 90,000 SEC fans.

"I was at Auburn's game two weekends ago," Drew Gibson stated. "It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. I was on the field at the beginning of the game. I just liked how they treated me. It was a great experience. They made me feel very welcomed on the visit.

"I've received a game invitation from TCU as well. I'm gonna try my best to get out there for a game. I've received a lot of interest in the last few months. Vandy (Vanderbilt), Pitt, Ohio State, Oregon, and Clemson have all requested my game film."

Gibson's GPA remains at 4.0. Two schools known for their academic reputations have recently been in the closest contact.

"Vanderbilt and Georgia Tech have sent me the most emails," he said. "I've received quite a bit of emails, and I'd say those two programs have sent me the most. Both have invited me to their camps this summer, and Vanderbilt has requested game film."

Gibson has replaced one of the schools in his top three.

"Duke, Alabama, and Auburn are probably my top three schools right now," he said. "And I'll also say that I really like just about all of the schools in the ACC and the SEC."

Gibson went on to describe what he likes about his top three programs.

Alabama: "I like a lot of things about Alabama. My uncle played for The Bear (Paul 'Bear' Bryant) back in the sixties. I've always been a fan of them."

Auburn: "My mom graduated from Auburn. And I have family and close personal friends there."

Duke: It's a strong academic school. I just like the program as a whole. I like the campus, the coaches, and the facilities."

The Southwest Metro-Atlanta prospect has two main goals for his future in football.

"I just really wanna play football in college," he commented. "That is my top goal of all.

"The ultimate goal is to get a scholarship to play in the SEC. I feel like the SEC is the best conference in the nation. I was born in the south. I've lived in Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia. I have liked the SEC ever since I was a kid."

Gibson projects as a linebacker on the next level, but his coaches are utilizing him at the defensive end position. He has put up some impressive numbers despite the fact that teams are shying away from running to his side.

"So far, in our first three games teams have run away from my side of the field for the most part," he said. "In our first three games I have a sack, 14 tackles, one pass deflection, a tackle for a loss, and five quarterback hurries.

"I'm at defensive end 90-percent of the time. And at times my coaches will put me at strongside linebacker."

Gibson is not only fast at 220 pounds, but he's also the strongest player on the Northgate team.

"I'm squatting 500 (pounds) right now," he said. "I bench 305 (pounds). And I power clean 315. I have the highest total in those three lifts of anyone on our team." Recommended Stories

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