Jeremy Cash: Breakdown Session

Jeremy Cash: Breakdown Session

Ohio State commit Jeremy Cash is one of the top prospects in Florida, and the four-star safety is going to be enrolling early. The Plantation (FLA) safety will be at Ohio State in January of 2011. Plantation head coach Steve Davis (pictured) took the time recently to talk about Cash, and how he sees him at Ohio State. Bill Greene has the latest on Cash.

Plantation (FLA) senior safety Jeremy Cash committed to Ohio State last fall, and will be enrolling next January. Cash, a four-star safety prospect, is one of the leaders of the Plantation defense, and his head coach, Steve Davis, took time after practice to discuss his young star.

Difference between his junior and senior seasons? "Jeremy was hurt earlier, but he's been back the last four games and he's been pretty amazing for us. He is still a little raw as a safety, but he has freakish athletic ability. He caught a kickoff last week, made one man miss, and was gone in a blink of the eye. He's very athletic and physical, but his intelligence will help put him over the top. He's a far better player this year in every way, mentally and physically."

What are his strengths on the football field? "He is just an amazing physical talent, but he also has that 4.0 classroom skill, so he's one of the smartest players on the field. When you look at the size and speed aspect, he's at the top of the charts. He's very physical out there, and he's athletic enough to make plays on the football in the air. He could be a fine receiver, because he has great ball skills. Athletically, he has everything you want in a safety, which is why every top school wanted him."

What will he need to improve upon at Ohio State? "He is still very raw as a safety in terms of coverage, so he will need to get a grasp on that early. All the time he's missed due to injury didn't help, so he needs to play more football, get more reps, to be up to speed. He needs to take better angles to the football playing free safety. People think that's easy, but it takes time to develop taking the right angles, while running downhill to the football. He needs to be able to break down, and be in position to stop the cutback of a running back on a dime. Mentally, he will pick everything up quickly, because he is so smart. He will need to learn to be the quarterback of the defense from his safety spot."

What type of player is Ohio State getting? "Potentially, a great player. Once he gets into that system and throws himself into their playbook, he will be special. He has some leadership ability to him, and I'd like to see him in the weight room a little bit more, to be an even greater physical player. If he commits himself to being great, he will be great, because he has all the tools he needs to succeed."

Is he a safety, or could he play linebacker? "That's a great question, because he just might be able to play there. He has a size-14 shoe and he's still growing, so I see the possibility of him playing the Wil-linebacker spot. He could be great playing closer to the line of scrimmage, which he did for me as a junior. As a senior, we have him at free safety, to better use his talent. When we play running teams we do slide him down into the box, to take advantage of his tackling ability."

What about his coverage ability? "We don't have him matched up in one-on-one coverage a whole lot, but it's just the style we run, not because he can't do it. He can definitely do it, because he is so athletically gifted and he does not lack confidence at all. Coverage skill is about having the physical ability and learning the proper technique. His physical ability is a ten, and Ohio State will coach him up in technique."

Is Ohio State a good fit for Cash? "Yes, Ohio State is a great fit for Jeremy. Players have to make choices that fit their skill set, and Jeremy fits what Ohio State does on defense perfectly. As long as he buys into what they're telling him, he will do great. He's a smart kid, which Ohio State appreciated, so he could do well anywhere. From meeting the Ohio State coaching staff, I think Jeremy is an Ohio State-type kid and he made a great choice." Recommended Stories

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