Rainey Talks His Six Star Schools

Rainey Talks His Six Star Schools

Kelvin Rainey has named South Carolina as a top candidate for his services before and it looks like the Gamecocks still have the edge. Some other schools are still in the mix, however, and Rainey realizes he still has a good amount of time to make a choice. In the meantime, he gives us a peek at what he thinks about six schools he may end up choosing from.

Kelvin Rainey wants to play tight end. The 6-foot-3, 210 pound athlete understands why he is being recruited to play on both sides of the ball but he says his passion is to play on offense.

"I think twice about a school if they are recruiting me to play defense because I know I want to be in a receiver role," Rainey said.

Rainey names six schools that are sticking out to him when he thinks about where he will play on the next level.

"Right now it's South Carolina, Georgia, Miami, LSU, Arkansas and FSU."

When asked if those schools were listed in order, Rainey said:

"Pretty much."

So, why does he like South Carolina so much? Rainey says it's simple.

"We just talk all the time and have a really good connection. I talk to a lot of different coaches. They are recruiting me to play tight end, which I like."

Georgia has spelled out a specific role on offense that is really attractive to Rainey. He says he could see himself as a Bulldog.

"They want me as a tight end and they are talking to me a lot. They want to come down and see me in spring practice. They told me I could play in a role like Orson Charles. I would like that."

Rainey says Miami and Florida State express interest in him but they aren't sure where they could best use him in their schemes.

"Miami and Florida State both say they want me as an athlete and they aren't sure if I could play offense or defense. They want to wait and see how I fill out and everything. They both say even (playing as) a big receiver could be a job for me."

LSU's Billy Gonzales is after Rainey and Rainey says he's certainly interested in giving the Tigers a shot.

"They want me as a receiver. They say they will come check me out in the spring to see my size and all. they want me to see their campus. I'm feeling pretty good about LSU."

Arkansas has made a request that Rainey says he doesn't mind fulfilling.

"They ask me that I don't make a decision until I come see their campus. I'll visit there and see what they are talking about."

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