More Interest in Dillard

More Interest in Dillard

Schools have been stopping through to check on Canton (Mich.) sophomore Cameron Dillard, hoping to get an early jump on what looks to be one of Michigan's top prospects in that class.

Canton High sophomore guard prospect Cameron Dillard has been attracting colleges to his school of late, as they hope to get an early look at the 6'3, 280-lb lineman

"Yesterday Notre Dame spent an hour at the school They hung out with Coach Baechler to learn more about me as a person and player They said they'll try to get me to a game Coach Baechler, my high school coach is a big Notre Dame fan, so they said he could come down with me "

The Irish were not the only BCS team to stop by

"Then the Iowa coach stopped by very briefly Phil Parker We actually gave him an information sheet It had all my information on it from scholastic to extra curricular activities "

These are not likely to be the last schools to stop to see Dillard either

"Coach Greatwood from Oregon might be stopping by I was on e-mail earlier with West Virginia's offensive line coach (Bedenbaugh) He wants me to call him tonight The Eastern Michigan coach wants me to come by next week to talk about things "

While all these schools are seeing him, Dillard has also returned the favor He visited Eastern Michigan and Oregon recently, and went back to Michigan State earlier this week

"It was very good yesterday It was pretty much the same I got invited back to the spring game and they were glad to have me yesterday and let me know that I have a continued interest in State as well "

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