#1 DT in 2012 Has Mississippi State On Top

#1 DT in 2012 Has Mississippi State On Top

Quay Evans is the top ranked defensive tackle in the country in 2012. He says he doesn't spend too much time thinking about rankings, however, and instead focuses on where he will play on the next level. Right now, he can't get Mississippi State out of his head but he insists he is giving a few other schools some thought as well.

Quay Evans has Mississippi State on his mind.

"I have had a great relationship with coach Wilson and it just keeps getting better. That relationship with coach is so important to me and it will always be there. I always have Mississippi State in my head."

Evans says there is a school nipping at Mississippi State's heels, though. Alabama is making a strong push for the defensive monster.

"I probably won't visit Alabama because I've been there a lot but I am really starting to like them more. They are my number two school probably. I like talking to all of their coaches and I just keep staying in touch with them so I think that's good."

A third SEC school is catching Evans' eye as well. He says he understands the great history surrounding LSU's defense.

"They always have a great defense at LSU and I'm a defense guy. I want to be a part of that. I think I will definitely take an official to LSU. I'm looking forward to that."

Evans also says he can't forget about another in-state school. Ole Miss holds a special place in his heart.

"I've just been going there for forever. It feels like a second home to me. I appreciate everyone there a lot and it's a great place. I won't take an official there probably because I've been a lot but it's like I feel so comfortable there."

Evans then turns his attention to the West coast to talk about USC. He says he is enjoying staying in touch with the Trojans.

"I talk to coach Orgeron a lot. He's great to talk to. I keep hearing about L.A. They've got some swag out there. I will be taking an official out there. I want to see what it's all about and meet everyone in person."

Speaking of "swag," Evans also says he likes the look of Oregon's uniforms.

"I just like their colors a lot. But, it's not just that. They have good defense there. It always seems like they are in the running for championships too. They are just really good nationally. That will be another visit I take. I'm excited to get up there and see what it's like."

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