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Malibu, Calif.— Auburn commit Zeke Pike has been proving himself worthy of being on a national championship caliber team all week at the Elite 11 quarterback camp at Pepperdine University. Pike may not be ready to start on a collegiate team just yet, but he is getting all the help he needs to learn how to get there...

Five-star quarterback Zeke Pike (6-6, 225) says Auburn is where he is committed and he isn't turning back. Even his dad Mark Pike, an NFL veteran, couldn't deny his son's natural "attachments" to the Auburn program.

"I have known Coach Roof since I was a baby," said Pike. "He and my dad were roommates in college."

Pike's father and Roof were teammates at Georgia Tech in the eighties, so their football relationship extends much further than from just a recruiting standpoint. Aside from Roof, Pike has a couple of other contacts at Auburn as well.

"Coach Malzahn and Coach Trooper [Taylor] would be the two coaches that I am closest with though," said Pike. "Coach Trooper and Coach Malzahn have been recruiting me the hardest so I have the best relationships with them since we talk all the time."

Although he knows most of Auburn's coaching staff now, Pike said the coaching staffs' on-field successes were not the only reason he chose Auburn.

"I just felt so comfortable there," said Pike. "I felt like I could sit down in any coaches' office and talk to him about anything, not just football, but life. So, I felt like it was a good fit. I also thought I had a good chance of competing to play early."

Playing early in college is every recruit's dream that rarely becomes a reality, especially for young quarterbacks. However, Pike said he is willing to do the work it takes to make it happen.

"I am working hard and I am ready to get down there and win a championship," said Pike. "They said the best player is going to play and that's anywhere. So, if I come in and compete and work hard, I think I have a pretty good chance of playing."

Last year's national championship team may have been the factor that pushed Pike toward Auburn, but the depth of the team may be the factor that holds him back.

"I know [Cameron Newton and the 2010 Auburn national championship team] is going to be a lot to live up to," said Pike. "At the end of the day, my rating doesn't really matter anymore. College coaches know what they want and what they are looking for. I have a lot to live up to at Auburn and I am hoping that when I get there, I can help them win a couple national championships myself."

Pike said he is trying to create a recruiting class that can become national contenders themselves when their time comes.

"I am just trying to build a strong class," said Pike. "We have been getting some good guys. We just got Jovon Robinson, a running back that just committed last week. So, we are just trying to get some guys in now, a couple more receivers and some linemen. We are working hard on it."

Pike knows that without a strong backing from his line, a quarterback cannot be great. The same holds true of the backing he gets from his father.

"My dad is always there for me," said Pike. "Just using him for advice, since he has played on all levels, has been great. My dad just tries to tell me to relax and enjoy the game. You have to have fun. If aren't having fun, you aren't going to enjoy it. So, I just go out there and play hard. He is always there to support me."

Pike reported that although everyone at the Elite 11 is there to win, all of the recruits have become close friends.

"It's great. Everybody is out here to win, but at the end of the day, we are all friends," said Pike. "Everybody is here to get better. It's just fun to come out here and compete and take little things from guys that have played on every level. We have all learned a lot. Getting in the film room and working out here with guys that have played on the college level and guys who are or were in the NFL has been great. I am just taking bits and pieces from everything that I can use to improve my game."

Although Pike is definitely a quarterback, he said that if he were to play a tight end, he would want Boise State commit Nick Patti throwing the ball to him. Patti and Pike have been working together throughout the week.

"He is undersized, but, man, he has a cannon," said Pike. "I would definitely want Nick throwing to me. Nick is going to be a great fit for Boise State."

Pike confirmed that Auburn is the school he going to no matter what the circumstances. He is done taking visits to other schools, except for his official visit to Auburn. Pike will compete on Friday for his last opportunity to earn top honors at the Elite 11.

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