Midwest Region: Early 2013 5-Stars

Midwest Region: Early 2013 5-Stars

It is still a little over 17 months until the 2013 prospects sign their letter of intent with the school they choose, but the Scout Recruiting Team evaluates prospects of all classes throughout the year. Two out of the Midwest Region have shown enough to be named five-stars this early.

All week long, Scout is naming a handful of prospects from each region who will be early five-stars. Yesterday, three were named in the South, and today, two from the Midwest join them.

This does not mean that these two are sure-fire top 10 national prospects, but we do believe they are near locks to make the initial top 50 when they debut down the line.

Jalin Marshall and Shane Morris both line up under center for their teams. Both are dynamic, but in their own ways. Marshall, a 6'1, 190-lb big play waiting to happen, is an outstanding athlete with great open field ability and speed. He also has that "it," the knack or sixth sense for making people miss and turning nothing into game changing plays. Notre Dame, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, and others have offered, and no matter where he ends up position wise

The 6'3, 188-lb Morris is a left-handed flame thrower, who impressed at each and every spot he went this off-season. Shorts and T-Shirts don't always tell the whole story, but there was no denying Morris' arm strength, moxie and he even impressed us with the athleticism he showed. Coupled with what he did last season in game action, and his strong early start this season, the Michigan commitment will be in contention for the top quarterback spot in the country.

Marshall - Week One vs Wayne:
Morris - Week One vs Ann Arbor Pioneer:

Scout.com Analysts on Jalin Marshall
Bill Greene: "Well, when we watched him last year, he was smaller than he is now, and he played in a spread all over the field. He was in the shotgun, and he did a lot of magical things. We saw him the other night and his team is triple option now, two tight ends, and he takes shots now. He got killed the other night. 30 carries and not to the sideline, it was bunched up tight and he played like a tailback. 30 carries, 200 yards, and he took shots. His toughness was on display. He's a kid where, you must tackle him. If you miss, it could be over. He's so talented as an offensive player. He's one of the most exciting I've ever seen. He could go 50 yards in the blink of an eye. He's so special and he's strong, which is what I didn't come across last year. He's 190-lbs, but he can move. He's so quick. I don't know where you play him at the next level, but he's going to change numbers on the scoreboard wherever he plays."

Dave Berk: First off, his elusiveness. He's able to take it in for a score any time he touches the football. The thing we saw Saturday night was his toughness. The offense has changed from a spread attack where he had room to work with to a triple option where he's in control of the ball and he's going to take a beating. He was strong enough to take the pounding. He was still standing. I feel he's going to be a running back or wide receiver. He has to be on the offensive side of the ball, because he's so good with the ball in his hands. I don't see him as a quarterback now because of the change in the offense. He threw the ball three times the other night.

Scout.com Analysts on Shane Morris
Bill Greene: "I've never seen him play in pads yet, but I've seen him at Pittsburgh, seen him in Florida, saw him in Cleveland, NIKE, four or five times. The thing that sticks out is arm strength, one of the strongest arms you'll ever see, especially on a kid that young. He's still developing. What I got to see in the 7 on 7s, is competitiveness. His team had been on road a lot. He hadn't been home in awhile, and it was about 100 degrees in Florida, and I think a lot of kids mailed it in that day, and that kid wasn't going to mail it in. He wanted to win, and they did. He couldn't just gun it into windows down there either, he had to show touch. There was speed all over the field, and he had to throw over linebackers, underneath safeties, and he did it. You saw how much he loved to compete. It meant a lot to me too, that, at NIKE, Elite 11, they made them do a lot of things they don't do at any other event, with throwing on the run, the targets they have to hit, and his accuracy was impressive. I didn't know he had that type of accuracy. He's as good as it gets as a quarterback prospect. I like what he does with footwork, release, and he'll only get better, bigger, and stronger."

Scott Kennedy: "There were several things I liked about Morris. First off, I liked the way he kept improving from game to game. His first game was against the most talented team there in the South Florida Express, and he struggled a bit. But by the time the end of the second day came around, he showed tremendous poise for a junior to be, and he has great touch on the short and intermediate routes. Even though there's no pass rush, the quarterbacks were on a four second clock, and Morris showed the vision in order to check several different receivers before making a throw. I don't know where he'll be ranked overall in the Class of 2013, but he'd easily be a Top 10 guy in the Class of 2012.

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