Williams has Amory Rolling

Williams has Amory Rolling

Amory quarterback Forest Williams has become one of the most prolific passes in his home state of Mississippi. Averaging over 350 yards per contest, Williams has the Panthers sitting pretty at 7-2 as the regular season begins to wind down. College scouts are taking notice of the talented signal caller and appear interested in learning more about him.

Forest Williams profile

"I know everybody says this, but I really have five great receivers," said Forest. "They make my job easy.

"Dario Robinson is the stuff. He can make me look good because he can make some amazing catches.

"All of our guys do a real good job and I enjoy playing with them."

Williams is quick to give a lot of credit to the guys keeping him on his feet rather than on his back.

"We don't have a real big offensive line, but they fight hard," said Forest. "I think our center is like 5-11, 175. I am bigger than him, but he does his job.

"We get the ball out pretty quick, but all of those guys on the offensive line fight long enough to give me the chance to get the ball out."

Williams, a self professed Mississippi State fan, had the chance to get to see the Bulldogs up close this past weekend.

"I went to Mississippi State this past Saturday," said Forest. "They got my film and Coach Mullen watched it and then they got in touch with me and invited me to the game.

"I didn't get to look around at the facilities and all a whole lot. This visit was just really about making a connection and getting down there."

Despite seeing the team drop a tight contest to South Carolina, Williams saw some things he really liked.

"I guess in some ways you can say they are a running team," said Forest. "Some drives they run, run and then pass.

"I am a quarterback, so I like to throw it, but I would love the chance to go there and play.I feel like I could fit into the offense pretty well.

"It was neat to go up there and go in the recruiting center and all of that."

The Bulldogs are just the most recent team to show interest in the North Mississippi standout.

"I camped at Arkansas State, Delta State and UAB," said Williams. "I have talked with Memphis and some with Wofford.

"I have talked some with Arkansas State and Louisiana some as well as some community colleges."

Forest is working hard to earn some college options before signing day arrives.

He understands that a strong senior season will likely hold the keys to his college future.

"We're 7-2 right now," said Forest. "We lost to Aberdeen and New Albany and I missed both of those games.

"I dislocated my elbow back a few weeks ago and I had to miss back to back weeks.

"I am doing a lot better now. I wear a brace on it and it hasn't hurt me at all since then. It hasn't given me any problems on tackles or anything."

Amory will look to get win number eight this week as they take on a local team of interest.

"We play Itawamba this week," said Williams. "They might not be as strong as they have been, but we know they are going to be big, strong and athletic.

"We know that they are going to come to play. With it being a rivalry game, we know they are going to try to play their best game."

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