A Canadian Import

David Knevel

When considering offensive lineman David Knevel (Brantford, Canada/Pauline Johnson HS/Class of 2013), the word potential screams out. At six-foot-eight, 290-pounds, Knevel is already beginning to attract recruiters from division one programs. Here is a closer look at David Knevel.

There will not be many, if any, better athletes along the offensive line this recruiting season than David Knevel. A fluid athlete with great footwork, David possesses all the tools to be a successful offensive lineman at the next level.

David began playing football at age 14 in Canada and started football at a sheer six-foot-six, 240-pounds.

"They immediately put me on the line on both sides of the ball," Knevel commented. "I enjoyed playing from the start. I can remember going through team drills where I end up with the ball in my hands and run people over. It was good I showed that ability because I wasn't able to tackle anybody."

David played competitive hockey from age 6 to 15 when according to him, his size became a deterrent. He's happy he found football.

"It's a fun sport," Knevel added. "It's the best team sport, and nothing beats really good camaraderie. It's a good way to make friends, and I'm happy with how football has shaped my high school experience."

David played well leading up to his 2010 season but pays respect to the IMG Madden Football Academy for a visit made to strengthen his game.

"I've learned so much in my development training at the IMG Madden Football Academy. It was my first experience learning zone blocking with read steps and learning to split the crotch of my defender with a power step. It was critical in allowing me to have an edge on my counterparts in Canada when I competed for selection to all-star teams, because I knew the technique when they were being taught. It was an easier transition to pick up the terminology and tempo," Knevel stated.

Once Knevel returned to Canada, making all-star teams became easy. He was selected to the Golden Horseshoe 19 and Under Team consisting of the best from Ontario; as well as selected to Team Ontario West 16 and Under leading the best in the province of Ontario.

Knevel returned to Bradenton, Fla. to train in March 2011 before making a return to Tampa in May 2011 to compete at an Under Armour Combine. 

Knevel returned to compete in Ontario's City League as well as Pauline Johnson High School in Brantford, Canada in 2011. He proved his toughness starting all 21 games he played. Following his high school season, Knevel was chosen to compete with Team World Developmental in Austin, Texas in early 2012 but was unable to make the trip after suffering a concussion and broken nose playing basketball.

Last summer, Knevel attended his first college camp at The University of Iowa and later returned to Iowa City to watch the Hawkeyes host Michigan State in the fall. .

"At Iowa's one day camp, I learned I could compete with pretty high level American talent. When I attended a game at Iowa, it was great to see a lot of fans and a great stadium. The coaches are great guys, and it's easy to see they motivate their players. They have good offensive line coaches and have put a lot of guys in the NFL."

Knevel also attended Notre Dame's four day summer camp in 2011 but has not received much interest from the Fighting Irish since. He was invited to a game at Akron University in the fall and this spring has attended Junior Day visits at Wisconsin and Buffalo.

"Wisconsin seemed happy I made the visit. My dad got a little lost not being familiar with the area, and we were a bit late, but they were very welcoming. The coaches were all real nice guys. Coach Markuson has developed guys like Jason Peters and Michael Oher. They have a great offensive line tradition. I plan on returning to their camp this summer."

"Buffalo is in my backyard and Coach Shorter, their offensive line coach, came by my high school to invite me down for a visit. I liked how the campus was spread out. I like the stadium, and I enjoyed the opportunity to sit through Coach Shorter's offensive line meetings. The meeting rooms they use are impressive," Knevel continued.

"On April 14th, I'm visiting Missouri's spring game, and they seem pretty interested. I really like the communication I have been having with their coaching staff led by Coach (Brian) Jones. I'm real interested in checking out Missouri, and I'm planning to attend their camp this summer."

He has also received correspondence from FIU and Miami.

Turning 18 in November, Knevel can enroll in college as early as January 2013 and plans to only compete in his high school season this fall focusing his summer on attending college camps and making campus visits.

There's still room to improve academically, but Knevel is a bright student. He plans to take the SAT for the first time in May. He will return to Bradenton, Fla. to attend