The Opening: Steve Elmer

The Opening: Steve Elmer

Despite being hampered by state of Michigan rules which prohibited him from wearing pads at The Opening this week, Notre Dame commit Steve Elmer still shined when he was able to participate, and Fox Sports NEXT caught up with him to talk all things Irish.

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How have things been for you since your commitment? Much more relaxed without having to worry about recruiting?
Oh yes, definitely. Now I can just concentrate. The time after I committed has been, getting down there, getting to know the coaches better and other people around the program better.

Being a Notre Dame fan in Midland, Michigan, do you ever get any razzing from opposing fans?
I get some crap, but not too much, people are usually pretty good about it.

Do you ever get recognized when you're out, like 'that's Notre Dame commit Steve Elmer?'
Yeah, yeah, they do, and it's usually a good thing. They're usually Notre Dame fans!

You've gotten to know Brian Kelly beyond what's seen on television. What's been like throughout your recruitment?
I really like him. He's a super nice guy. He pushes his players hard and he knows how to win and he cares about his players.

Your senior season is coming up, what are some of your goals for your final year?
I really want to go far in the playoffs. We definitely have rebuilding to do, but I think we can pull it together and pull off a good season out of it.

And the plan is for you to come in early?
I'll be coming in mid year, yes.

What do you think some of the challenges will be in doing that?
I think, the biggest challenge will be leaving my family. I'll make new friends there, but leaving my friends too, and other than that, I'm ready to start college classes, start working out with the guys at Notre Dame and getting a little head start.

Do you know what you're going into?
I'm not sure yet. I'm really thinking about some sort of engineering, but I'm not sure.

Do you have a pre-game ritual?
No I don't. I'm not superstitious.

What about a favorite meal?
BBQ ribs.

Have you found a place in South Bend to get ribs yet?
You know, I have not done a ton of restaurant scouting in South Bend yet, but I have to get on that still. I'm sure I'll find them.

But you've gotten to try some places on your visits, I'm sure.
I've been to Legends on campus and a few places off campus in the downtown area. There are some good places around there. I'm not worried about the food, that's for sure. Recommended Stories

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