Down to Three

Down to Three

Loganville, Ga., cornerback David Kamara out of will head to Ole Miss Friday after visiting Kentucky last weekend. A third trip to LSU is set for Feb. 2.

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"I'll be in Oxford Friday," Kamara said. "My mother is coming with me. She's never been to Ole Miss. I've been over there a bunch but she hasn't. I just want to see what type of scheme they're going to run and see where I fit in and see if I can help them out. I want to see where I fall on the depth chart."

What stands out about the Rebels to this point?

"I just like how coach (Hugh) Freeze has come in there and changed the program. He has them believing they can win. The fans are really into it now. Everyone is just fired up about Ole Miss football over there. That whole staff has changed the whole culture."

The 5' 11", 185-pound corner went to Kentucky last weekend.

"It was fun. I got to see coach Stoops and Angelo and Elliott. I got a chance to see all of them. I got a chance to hang out with the players and see all of the facilities."

What stands out the most about the Cats?

"I just like the fact that coach Stoops is one of the best secondary coaches in the college football and that's what I play. That really stands out to me about Kentucky. Coach Angelo too. He came from Tennessee. He's a great coach."

What is going on with LSU?

"I'm going over there next weekend after I visit Ole Miss. They haven't offered me yet. We're going to see if they have any of their defensive backs decommit or if any scholarships come open. We quit talking for a long time when I was committed to Clemson and they committed a bunch of defensive backs while we weren't talking. They've been coming on me hard lately though."

Who is showing Kamara the most love?

"Ole Miss, Kentucky, and LSU are all coming after me hard. LSU came by Wednesday. Kentucky and Ole Miss is coming by today. I'd say LSU in the last couple of weeks is probably coming after me the hardest. Kentucky was for a period before that, but Ole Miss has been with me from the start and the longest. I've known the coaches the longest so I am a little more familiar with them."

When it does come decision time what will be the final factors for the three-star cornerback?

"I want to go wherever I feel the most comfortable and where I can play early. I want to be around the coaches I feel the most comfortable around too."

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