2015: NEW Midlands Top 25
Daylon Mack
Daylon Mack
National Recruiting Analyst
Posted Nov 28, 2013

Malik Jefferson, Daylon Mack and Kendall Sheffield lead a talented group of recruits in the Class of 2015 Midlands Top 25...


OLB Malik Jefferson
Mesquite (Texas) Poteet
HT: 6'3 | WT: 220

Recruiting: Baylor, Texas A&M, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Mississippi, Michigan, LSU, Florida

Eval: On film, he is an absolute speed demon, shutting down his side of the field completely. You can forget about trying to get out in the flats on him, and the best way to neutralize him is to stay away or have a player block him low and try to keep him off his feet. He gets off of block well, and closes distances in all directions instantaneously. He is also a great pass rusher. He has excellent first step quickness. He flies in from the edge to make sacks.



DT Daylon Mack
Gladewater (Texas)
HT: 6'2 | WT: 306

Recruiting: Texas A&M Commit

Eval: Big and strong. He moves extremely well on his first step and can penetrate in to the backfield at times with cat-like quickness, which is quite an attribute for a player easily over 300 pounds. He runs well and is good in pursuit. He plays high at times, but is a difference maker when staying low. Makes the 'wow' play at times. He can get in the gap and blow plays up. Still extremely raw with a ton of upside for development. Strong tackler.



CB Kendall Sheffield
Missouri City (Texas) Marshall
HT: 6'0 | WT: 180

Recruiting: Texas A&M, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame, LSU, Florida, Baylor

Eval: Sheffield is a blistering fast prospect, posting an elite laser-time of 4.36 in the 40-yard dash. He is the type of corner who has the size and the skill set to develop in to a guy you can put out on the island and play one-on-one against the other team's most dangerous weapon at receiver. He is not the most physical player on the defense, but has quickness in and out of his breaks and can quickly get in position to stop plays in the flats.



CB Kris Boyd
Gilmer (Texas)
HT: 6'2 | WT: 190

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma

Eval: An elite level athlete with tremendous burst and top-end speed. He plays both ways in high school at RB/WR and CB, but figures to be a defensive player by most once he gets to college and has a desire to play defense in college. He has turn and run ability and his size at the position gives him an advantage in one-on-one coverage against big, elite level wide receivers. All of those skills will make him a very high level rated prospect.



RB Sotonye Jamabo
Plano (Texas) West
HT: 6'1 | WT: 190

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Nebraska, Baylor

Eval: Playing against top Class 5A the past twoseason Jamabo has put up solid numbers. He has that special ability with the ball in his hands to be able to make the spectacular play, either by running around or through tackles and then showing the speed and open field vision to take it to the house. He is a big back, who will draw comparisons Eddie George, because of his 6'3 size and his style of play.



OT Bobby Evans
Allen (Texas)
HT: 6'5 | WT: 270

Recruiting: Oklahoma Commit

Eval: Played tight end as a sophomore, where he showed a lot of potential going forward as an offensive tackle prospect. Was a blocker, not a passing target. He may be the quickest off of the line of all the offensive line prospects and can really run. Will need to work on technique and moves as a true offensive lineman, but has a great frame and long arms. He has the type of frame that could really develop in to elite.



OG Maea Teuhema
Keller (Texas)
HT: 6'5 | WT: 335

Recruiting: Texas Commit

Eval: A massive offensive line prospect who just completely eats his opponents up. He is so much bigger and stronger and has a real nasty streak about him. He takes pride in finishing blocks with a pancake. He can push the man in front of him around to open up running lanes and also has a surprising nimbleness that allows him to be adequate in pass protection. Once he latches on you can forget about it, he will finish the block. Will likely move to OG.



WR DaMarkus Lodge
Cedar Hill (Texas)
HT: 6'2 | WT: 188

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Baylor

Eval: Lodge is a receiver who transcends the ‘possession style’ moniker, but with his combo of skills that is not a bad way of looking at his game. He has the playmaking ability and concentration to make major catches in traffic, using his size to his advantage. He is a good route runner as well. Big strong hands. Has only had limited reps and experience and could end up as one of the region’s best by the end of his high school career.



QB Jarrett Stidham
Stephenville (Texas)
HT: 6'4 | WT: 190

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, Tennessee, TCU, Baylor

Eval: He is big and strong and has the exact frame you envision. He has a good arm. He throws well working outside of the pocket. He is athletic and has the ability to run, which his time at receiver as a sophomore will back up. Has come in to his own as a junior and grown with each game. is not afraid to take chances with the ball and press the action. Has a strong arm and quick release.



OG Jalin Barnett
Lawton (Okla.)
HT: 6'4 | WT: 290

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Stanford, Oklahoma, Auburn, Alabama

Eval: Plays tackle in high school, but looks like the protoypical guard prospect for college. He is strong at the point of attack and once he locks on to a defender he does a good job of keeping his feet moving and finishing the play with aggression. He can struggle sometimes on the island with quick DE in pass pro, but moving inside he will have protection on both sides and his quick feet and long arms should make that one of his big strengths.



TE Jordan Davis
Houston (Texas) Clear Lake
HT: 6'4 | WT: 250

Recruiting: Texas A&M Commit

Eval: Davis is a jumbo framed tight end prospect who is very light on his feet. He already has adequate size for blocking, but will really surprise you with his route running ability and hands. Looks like he could grow more and some may think OL when they see him, but he has shown on film and in person that he can run, catch, and block. He already factored in to his team's offense, but look for his productivity to pick up even more.



RB Rodney Anderson
Katy (Texas)
HT: 6'1 | WT: 205

Recruiting: Texas A&M Commit

Eval: Big back who has the ability to run like a scat back. He is one of the more agile players that you will see. He can cut on a dime and make defenders miss in the open field and he is powerful enough to run through tackles. Was not the star of his team in '12, because he split time with another elite back who was a senior, but still amassed some very impressive stats and highlight film. Has home-run ability and can pick up tough yards. Good hands.



S Deionte Thompson
Orange (Texas) West Orange-Stark
HT: 6'2 | WT: 175

Recruiting: Alabama Commit

Eval: Thompson is a prospect who has shown that he can do about everything in the defensive backfield. As a sophomore, he lived in the box, making sound tackles and blosing pl,ays up. As a junior, he shows his ball skills in coverage, constantly making plays on the ball. Putting it up in his area is a danger. He has range and will get in and make a play. He has proven he can tackle and he can cover. This season he is also getting a shot on the offensive side of the ball at receiver.



WR Carlos Strickland
Dallas (Texas) Skyline
HT: 6'4 | WT: 190

Recruiting: Texas Tech, TCU, SMU, Oklahoma State, LSU, Texas, Texas A&M, California

Eval: Strickland is the tall and wiry wide receiver who always seems to be open. He runs clean routes and then uses his size and reach to make sure catches. He still has some things to prove on the field, only getting his hands on 10 balls as a sophomore. Played behind some solid talents in a stacked program. Has the size and skill to be considered a clear cut offer, but junior tape and play may dictate how high he climbs.



RB Chris Warren
Rockwall (Texas)
HT: 6'2 | WT: 220

Recruiting: UCLA, Texas Tech, Texas, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Mississippi State, Clemson, Baylor, Alabama

Eval: Went down with an ACL injury early in his junior year, but before he went down he was putting up elite numbers, proving why he has a plethora of offers. Has an NFL pedigree as his father was a three time pro bowl back. Downhill runner who has exceptional feet for a player with his size. He makes nifty moves and has a nice burst which allows him to get in to the hole and advance the ball up the field quickly.



OG Patrick Vahe
Euless (Texas) Trinity
HT: 6'4 | WT: 290

Recruiting: Texas Commit

Eval: Vahe plays with a very high level of consistency. He uses his quickness to his advantage getting good placement on hsi blocks and he is big enough and strong enough to finish off, but he will need to add to that in college to take on the even bigger and stronger guys. He is good at drive blocking. He moves his feet well and is able to lock on and stick with his blocks and make blocks on the second level Also versatile, was playing center earlier in the year and is now playing left tackle.



MLB Anthony Wheeler
Dallas (Texas) Skyline
HT: 6'2 | WT: 225

Recruiting: Texas A&M, Texas, SMU, Mississippi, Michigan State, Michigan, Baylor, Ohio State

Eval: One of the more physically imposing players in the class at this early juncture. He looks like a kid's wrestling figurine. He lines up at defensive end and linebacker on his sophomore film and makes a good amount of plays. he runs well for a bigger framed linebacker and should be a perfect fit as a MLB unless he grows in to a true DE over the course of his natural development. Hits like a ton of bricks and ball carriers do not escape his grasp.



OT Conner Dyer
Mesquite (Texas) Horn
HT: 6'4 | WT: 275

Recruiting: UCLA, Texas Tech, TCU, Stanford, California, Texas A&M

Eval: It’s a solid year for offensive linemen and Dyer may be the most complete. He has great frame and quick feet. He is pretty solid in pass protection, because he is strong and physical at the point of contact and has great reach. Has been playing against a very high level of competition. He is also a good run blocker. This is where his strength shows through. More consistency with his footwork could make him the top OT in the region.



S Larry Pryor
Sulphur Springs (Texas)
HT: 6'1 | WT: 190

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma State, Arkansas

Eval: Locks on his radar and flows straight to the ball with little to no wasted efforts. He is involved in a lot of plays and often snakes through the line and to make the play for little or no gain. He plays effortless, because he is always in control of his body. He is a very physical player who thrives on making the big hit. He will need to learn to wrap up better and has time to sure up his technique. Looks like a college player already.



CB Holton Hill
Houston (Texas) Lamar
HT: 6'2 | WT: 175

Recruiting: Texas Tech, TCU, SMU, Houston, Baylor

Eval: Much like teammate and top 2014 recruit John Bonney, Hill is a versatile defensive back, who could actually end up playing safety or corner on the next level. He has terrific size and a frame that looks like he will be much bigger by the time he leaves high school. He is not afraid to come up and lay the wood and flies to the football making sound tackles and making his presence known. Will get better and better with more experience.



DE James Lockhart
Ennis (Texas)
HT: 6'4 | WT: 250

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, TCU, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Baylor

Eval: A strong defender, who shows a high acumen for tracking down ball carriers in the open field, which shows his athleticism and pursuit skills right away on film. He is really good against the run. He is not your long, rangy style of defensive linemen, but rather more of the stout type. He is strong at the point of attack using his hands well to maneuver and control offensive linemen. Would not rul out growth to a DT.



TE Hale Hentges
Jefferson City (Mo.) Helias
HT: 6'4 | WT: 205

Recruiting: Wisconsin, Tennessee, Ohio State, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa State, Iowa, Arkansas

Eval: A fantastic two-way talent from the 'Show Me State'. He could be a valuable addition as a tight end or as a defensive end. On defense, he is quick off the ball and long. He uses his speed to get in the backfield and make plays and his height to leap in to the air to bat down balls. On offense, he uses his size as an advantage of defenders and shows good hand-eye coordination and body control.



OT Trevor Elbert
Rockwall (Texas) Rockwall-Heath
HT: 6'6 | WT: 290

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama

Eval: Has a quick first step and gets out quickly, even though he tends to play a tad bit high at times. He is consistent with his footwork in past protection and does not get off balance often in the deep set. It is harder to gauge offensive linemen and true tackles especially, but has many of the tools you look for. Should become more dominant with natural strength progression, but has a strong upper body and shows a good initial punch.



RB Jay Bradford
Splendora (Texas)
HT: 5'10 | WT: 190

Recruiting: Texas A&M Commit

Eval: Typical small school star. Has that extra gear and speed that is just so dangerous when he gets in the open field or a breath of daylight. Once he gets that crease he is usually gone. Put up great 40-yard dash times in team camps, reportedly running sub 4.4s. He is a plant and go type of runner, who slashes in to the hole and then tries to use his speed to house it. He uses the basic open field moves to shake up tacklers and speed to finish.



QB Kyler Murray
Allen (Texas)
HT: 5'11 | WT: 170

Recruiting: Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Texas, Ohio State, Clemson, Auburn, Arkansas, Arizona State

Eval: May be the top high school player in the state. He has played against the best competition and performs and makes plays week in and week out. He is a very accurate passer and can place the ball exactly where he wants it to go. He is very savvy as to when he decides to pull the ball down and run. A true dual-threat at the position.

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