Dietzen Taking Level-Headed Approach

Dietzen Taking Level-Headed Approach

Seymour (Wisc.) four-star junior offensive lineman Jon Dietzen could make a decision before his senior season starts. What may go into that choice?

On any given day, Seymour High head coach Matthew Molle's phone is filled with voicemails and calls about offensive lineman Jon Dietzen, and having coached him for several years, the level of recruiting attention the junior has received does not come as much of a surprise.

"I think when you couple his size and athleticism together, that makes the difference," Molle says. "We don't have a ton of guys in our program that are 6-foot-5, 320 and when we do, they don't normally move quite like Jon. You look at the good feet and couple that with his size, I think that's what has teams interested and then he's got a really good punch as well."

Dietzen's recruitment really got started last summer when he camped at Nebraska and earned his first offer. Wisconsin followed when he camped in Madison shortly after. Since then, Michigan State and Illinois have followed and Molle continues to field interest from around the country. Dietzen, he says, is grateful for his opportunities, but has not let it go to his head.

"I think the early interest was flattering and of course it has heated up since then and will continue to heat up. He's handled it like a champ. He and his family are well grounded. I think they understand that the education piece is the most important part of what you're going to do and finding a right fit. I don't think he's felt any unneeded pressure. He says and does the right things and I believe he will truly have an opportunity to enjoy the process and make the best decision for himself and his family."

As a junior, the Thunder needed Dietzen to step up as a leader, and Molle says he did that. As a senior, that role will expand even more, and as usual, he is up to the task.

"I think the first and foremost thing is that he's a great teammate. We work really hard at Seymour, as most football coaches, if not all do, we want to make your kids have success on the field but you want these kids to grow up to be the types of husbands and fathers that you want and Jon is that type of guy. He's a great teammate. He cares about his teammates, he cares about his team."

And his teammates follow him, especially because he leads by example.

"The guys definitely look up to him and it's not just about his ability. He puts the time in, the work in the weight room. He builds relationships with his coaches and teammates off the field. Overall, just a real nice guy and well brought up with the family."

That focus on his team may lead Dietzen to an earlier college decision in order to alleviate the rigors of recruiting before his senior year.

"I think in talking to him now, that's his plan is to get his decision made before the season starts, but obviously that can change."

When he does make that call, the schools who have shown him the interest from an early point in time will have an advantage.

"I know the schools that were in on him early, loyalty's probably not the right word, but that counts for something. I know he's a Midwestern kid. That doesn't mean he won't go out of the Midwest, but I think programs like that appeal to him. You weigh those factors in and then some schools may see him play inside, some may see outside and then academic fit, I think those are all things that will come into play." Recommended Stories

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