Price blindsided

At this time last year, E.J. Price was asking his head coach to play him at a skill position. Little did he know a year on the offensive line would make him a national recruit...

After moving down to Georgia from Michigan in April 2011, E.J. Price did not play football football his freshman year.

He got acclimated to the new school, the academics his mother pushes, and then after having a year under his belt, he let head coach Todd Wofford know he wanted to play.

The 6-foot-6, 272 pound sophomore had grown up playing quarterback, so he wanted to stay on the offensive side of the ball with a chance to make plays.

That did not workout.

"I asked Coach Wofford to put me at a skill position because I had never played anywhere else, but he said, no. He said I will be his left tackle and for me to trust him," said Price. "He was right about my position."

That Wofford was.

Price has only played one season at offensive tackle, but coaches from schools such as Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Ohio State, and Wisconsin among others have seen enough to offer him a scholarship.

"The last time I counted, I had 15 offers, but it may be 16 or 17. I know I have 15 for sure though with a lot of schools interested in me. It was something that kind of shocked me."

In-state school Georgia Tech got it started back in September. It took off from there.

"It is kind of overwhelming right now," said Price. "I am 16 years old, I am getting all of these offers, and I had no idea this was going to happen. I am focused on academics, but these offers are motivating me to grind every day in the weight room. I am ready to start building these relationships with coaches now."

He was supposed to visit Georgia Tech not long ago, but that visit did not take place. Price plans to visit Georgia and Georgia Tech soon and those will be his first college visits.

He is ready to get on the road.

"I have not taken any visits yet. I want to go around the country, visit schools, and I really look forward to getting out to see some of these colleges. This is something I am excited about."

Something else that excited him late in January was an offer from the school he grew up dreaming about. Being from the state of Michigan, Price grew up a fan of the Wolverines.

When he landed that offer, he couldn't have been happier.

"When I grew up, I was a Wolverine. I was maize and blue all the way. I remember watching Tom Brady when I was very young play in the Rose Bowl. I just grew up watching them and I have always known about Michigan football.

"Getting an offer from Michigan was one of my lifetime dreams and that was even before I got big into football. So when I got it, I was pretty excited."

Many would think Michigan is in the driver's seat for Price now, but he said that is not the case.

He does still like the Wolverines, but he is looking at the options he has.

"It definitely is not a slam dunk that I go there [Michigan] now just because I have the offer," said Price. "I will base my decision off much more than they school I cheered for growing up.

"I want to meet the coaches, see what it is like on the campus, and look at everything. I am a long way from a commitment, so I am going to give everyone a chance."


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