Growth, Dedication, Lead to Offers for Dovich

Growth, Dedication, Lead to Offers for Dovich

After adding 50 pounds, Chaska (Minn.) senior-to-be Bronson Dovich is now a bonafide BCS level offensive tackle, but you wouldn't know it from the way he is handling his recruitment.

Minnesota and Rutgers recently offered Chaska High offensive tackle Bronson Dovich, his first two BCS offers. Anyone who saw Dovich last spring may have been surprised to know they were looking at a potential Big Ten offensive tackle, but his dedication to adding size and strength has paid off immensely.

"His biggest development has come a lot through the weight room," Hawks head coach Lambert Brown said. "He made a commitment after freshman year and sophomore year to be committed in there. He made gains coming in after his sophomore season. He played at 240, then he commits to the weight room and getting his body ready, and all of a sudden, he's 290 moving a lot of weight."

Brown added, "Some people say they want to lift weights, but he really dedicated himself to it. He never misses a workout."

Once the contact period opened up and schools were able to see the new Dovich, the interest has steadily increased and crescendoed with the recent offers.

"I think that's a big part of it, they've been able to come in and see him and he's a completely different kid than the one they had seen before. Then they get to see his athleticism on top of that."

Chaska has had players recruited in the past. Derrick Engel was recruited by a number of schools before walking on at Minnesota and working his way into a starting role. For a kid from the school to be offered by the Gophers before his senior year though, is significant, but Dovich has remained the same kid he was before the offers came -- with a few added pounds of course.

"He's handled it really well. He's a very level headed kid. If you saw him in the hallways you wouldn't even know he's the kid that's getting recruited at the level he is. He's just a big, funny kid and everybody loves him."

More Talent at Chaska

In addition to Dovich, Brown says the Hawks have several other prospects to be aware of in the coming years.

"Our quarterback Justin Arnold is, I think, and I might be biased, but I think he is the best dual-threat quarterback in the state. He started as a freshman at point guard on the basketball team and was the center-fielder for our baseball program as a freshman, so he's one of those kids that understands how to compete."

Arnold has 4.5 speed at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds, so some schools are looking at him for other positions, but according to Brown, schools who run the spread are recruiting him as a quarterback.

One of his top targets was wide receiver Peyton Sanders, who also played defensive back for the Hawks. Brown says the 6-foot-1, 180-pound rising senior is also receiving a lot of looks, but is waiting for his first offer still, one which may come after he hits the June camp circuit.

Then in the younger class, he may have another major offensive tackle prospect.

"Our other tackle, Matt Kegel, he's about the same size as Bronson. He's going to be a junior in the Fall and we are expecting big things out of him as well." Recommended Stories

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