Tipton Talks Latest Offer, Summer Plans

Tipton Talks Latest Offer, Summer Plans

The Keystone State junior receiver picked up his first Big Ten offer Tuesday. What did he think of it, and where will he camp next?

It's been a hectic few days for Tre Tipton, who committed to a school, subsequently de-committed, and picked up his first Big Ten offer all in the same three day stretch.

The Spring Church, Pa., Apollo-Ridge junior receiver committed to Toledo before he could have a conversation with his mother. Following a chat with her, he de-committed Monday, a day after he camped at Michigan State Sunday.

By Tuesday, the pass catcher was free to check out other offers, which came at a good time, as the Spartans offered over the phone.

"It was interesting, and it was fun," Tipton said. "I really worked hard, and everyone was just pushing for me to do go. I felt like I couldn't mess up."

Michigan State offensive line coach Mark Staten has taken command when it comes to recruiting the Keystone State, and his work to build a relationship with the junior has his program in fine shape with him early.

Tipton said he felt an offer could be on the table if he camped well, and evidently, he did. The junior pointed to quality route running and a high volume of reps to show off his skills when asked what he thought led to the offer.

Of course, his long standing back and forth with Staten didn't hurt, either.

"Me and coach, we had talked for awhile," Tipton said. "We had been really close since the recruitment started, and I'm glad I got up there and met the coaches."

Staten is from a small town too, Tipton said, which is why they clicked easily.

"I'm starting to know him very well," Tipton said. "He started from the bottom and had to fight for what he has. I went with him, and he helped me out.

"He said if I worked hard, there was not a doubt in his mind I was going to leave there with an offer."

Spartans' head coach Mark Dantonio spoke with Tipton after Staten did Tuesday, which isn't the first time the Michigan State leader has spoken to a western Pennsylvania prospect.

In fact, Michigan State has landed at least one prospect from the western part of the state in each of the last four recruiting cycles. It equals a plus for the Spartans' in Tipton's mind.

"[Dantonio] just told me he wants to build a relationship," Tipton said. "He has faith in me, and felt like I did what I was supposed to do. It really made me happy that he believed in me and has faith in me.

"It just goes to show how real they are toward [western PA players]," Tipton continued. "You can see it in their school; Michigan and Ohio are two blue collar states, like Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania, and you can see the connection and why people feel at home at and like Michigan State."

The summer camp circuit is just beginning for the receiver, who said he could camp at Penn State, Pittsburgh, and Temple, among others, this summer.

Dates have not been set for all of those stops, though the Nittany Lions have inquired about his availability to camp at its first camp this Sunday. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, has asked him to camp at its first camp this Friday.

"I've had a little contact; they just seem to have gotten really interested past couple of days," Tipton said of the Nittany Lions "It's been cool. They've really been honest with me, and telling me to work hard and produce."

The Panthers have offered a similar message, Tipton said.

"With Pittsburgh, it's basically the same as everyone else," he said. "They want to see me at camp and work out. I don't mind working out. I'll do whatever it takes."

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