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Kurt Newboles is a 6-foot-8, 285-pound lineman from Chehalis (Wash.) W.F. West, and Newboles is most definitely a growing boy. Size has never been a problem for Newboles, and it's also one of the things you can't teach. Kurt is hoping his size is one of the things that helps him get a giant-sized scholarship.

The Bearcats finished 6-5 this season. "We missed the playoffs by one game," Newboles told Scout.com. "We have five or six really talented players on the team, but too many holes at other positions. Most of our starters were pretty young."

What he doesn't talk about much is the fact that after three games, Kurt didn't play. At all. A meniscus tear forced Newboles out for the year, and the timing couldn't have been worse.

"He didn't get a chance to punish people this year, and that was the question mark coming in," W.F. West coach Kevin Ryan told Scout. "People wanted to know if he could punish people and he knew that too. He did an awfully nice job for us the first few games, but it wasn't enough. For a D1 school to take a chance on a kid, it just wasn't enough."

The last big-time lineman from the Chehalis-Centralia area was Centralia's Calvin Armstrong - a big guy in his own right. Armstrong ended up at Washington State, where he exceeded expectation.

"The comparisons are pretty fair," Coach Ryan said when talking about Newboles and Armstrong in the same sentence. "I think they both had the same reputation coming out of high school. Ferociousness is the word people use. Kurt has been told all his life, since he's always been 3 to 4 inches taller than anybody else, to take it easy. But he's not a soft kid. But because he had a meniscus tear, he was done.

"But everybody that's been interested has come to watch him play basketball and his knee is one-hundred percent. He has great lateral movement, he's real quick. He's got great feet. He's got big shoulders and a big neck. When the coaches come through, they all expect to see a guy with a gut, but he's well put-together. His growth plates are still open."

So it's conceivable Newboles could end up at 6-9 or 6-10 or even bigger than that. The visuals are daunting. "I think he's going to be a find," added Ryan

Stanford had been talking to Newboles early on, but they appear to have gone in a different direction. "They only had a couple of spots open for offensive linemen and already have the players they want," he said.

One of the schools that has remained a constant in Kurt's recruitment is Washington. "I'm still talking to the University of Washington quite a bit," he said. "I'm pretty sure Coach (Randy) Hart is staying, and I've been talking to him quite a bit." Hart and new Washington OL coach Mike Denbrock were expected to see Kurt play basketball Thursday night, and since one of Newboles' teammates - Tim Williams - is visiting Washington this weekend, there's a good possibility Newboles will join his friend in Seattle.

"Coach Hart has been talking about me coming up for a visit and Eastern (Washington) has too," said Newboles. Idaho came by W.F. West on Monday and set up a trip for Kurt the weekend of the 14th. Central (Washington), Western (Washington) and Oregon State are the other schools talking to Newboles.

"The University of Washington is still my top school," said Newboles. "It would be nice to meet some of the new coaches. I've heard that Coach (Tyrone) Willingham is a good guy and good things should be going on up there."

Has Coach Hart been giving Kurt indications that an offer is forthcoming? "From what he's been saying, it sounds pretty good, but sometimes it's hard to tell," said Kurt. "It's hard to get a word in when he's talking, because he talks so fast. He makes me laugh most of the time, he's a pretty funny guy."

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