Scout's Take: DE Chris Henderson

Making plays behind the LOS is one of the reasons DE Chris Henderson is a hot commodity. The three star prospect was extremely active in the offensive backfield this weekend when is Carter Cowboys played host to Lancaster. breaks down Henderson's game.

Henderson in Pursuit

Henderson Runs it Down

DE Chris Henderson

6'3 245

Jersey No. 61

Graduation Yr. 2009


Backside Pursuit/Lateral Range: Henderson is fast and plays with a high motor. When the play is away, he does not take the play off, he runs it down. His pursuit makes it impossible for RBs to reverse field and if a play gets strung out to the sideline, Henderson has the lateral range to run it down.

Athleticism/Quickness off the ball: Henderson flies off the ball. His first step catches OTs and TEs off guard forcing them off balance. Once off balance, they are at his mercy. Henderson runs like a big linebacker.

Pass Rush: Can beat you with speed or work a move. Tackles open their pass set too fast to the outside because they respect his speed rush but he is athletic enough to bend and come underneath. He is very disruptive and active in the backfield.


Disengage Skill: Because he is so athletic, he very rarely has offensive lineman in his pads. On the rare occasions when they do get a hand on him, he does not seem to have a plan you get their hands off. He gets stuck in the muck and is a non factor on the plays when this happens.


Henderson has a high ceiling. At the high school level he can get by on his athleticism. He has a non-stop motor. He is rangy and can play sideline to sideline. A QB that likes to buy time will get tracked down. He makes QBs have to get rid of it in a hurry. This can cause QBs to make mistakes. Must work on getting off blocks.

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