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Jake Heaps, a 6-foot-2, 195-pound quarterback for the class of 2010 from Skyline High School in Samammish, Wash., has narrowed his recruiting list down to 10 schools. Heaps spoke with Scout.com Saturday to talk about the list

"I just want to extend a thank you to all the schools that have offered me a scholarship and giving me an opportunity to look at all these schools and for the generosity and welcoming me into the process and trying to show me why their school is the best fit for me and believing in me early," Heaps said.

So here is the list (In alphabetical order):
Oregon State
North Carolina
Notre Dame

"This top-10 are schools I feel I best fit into their systems and style of play," Heaps added. "If there's any other schools that are interested and want to offer a scholarship, we will consider them. But these are the ten I'm focusing on."

BYU - "In a three-year span, there's only been seven teams that has as many wins as BYU has. They are a team on the rise. They are a quarterback university. The whole culture of BYU is about the quarterback and the play of the quarterback. It's a great place, great coaches and it's a church school where I can represent my faith. They have great coaches and a great quarterback coach in coach Doman."

California - "They have a legendary quarterback coach and head coach in coach Tedford. The style of play that his offense has at Cal fits my style of play and I think it would be a great mesh. He's done a lot of great things at Cal and I think I could help take them to that next level."

Colorado - "They have coach Hawkins, and he's done a great job wherever he's been. He did a great job at Boise State, and he's doing a great job at Colorado. They are very promising. They have lots of good talent and I really like their offense."

LSU - "It's a powerhouse program. It's in the SEC, and coach Crowton is an amazing offensive mind. It's LSU. You see them on national television almost every weekend."

North Carolina - "Coach Butch Davis is amazing and he's putting something pretty amazing over there in North Carolina. They are a program on the rise and they are going to be a very, very big program in the next couple of years."

Notre Dame - "It's the wow factor with Notre Dame. It's the University of Notre Dame. Coach Weis is a great coach, he's a great offensive coach. I'll be seeing them every weekend on TV. And who doesn't know the quarterback at Notre Dame?"

Oregon State - "I love the coaching staff. Coach Riley, he's amazing. And with all the two-star and one-star players they get, they sure do get a heck of a lot out of them. And you saw what a four-star player in Jacquizz Rodgers had an impact down there at Oregon State. It's just an intriguing situation down there."

Tennessee - "Coach Kiffin has put together an amazing staff. It's almost like an NFL staff with all those coaches. It's in the SEC, one of the top programs in the country...108,000 fans in the stands, cheering you on. It's a program on the rise and a program that's going to be very good."

UCLA - "They have great QB and great offensive coaches in coach Neuheisel and coach Chow. And to be coached by those two guys would be a heck of a good deal and I'd sure learn a lot from those guys. It's a beautiful campus and a beautiful location. It's a program that's going to be on the rise and going to be pretty good."

Washington - "Coach Sarkisian is a great, great coach. I believe he's going to do a lot of great things. He's put together a very young and exciting coaching staff. It's the hometown school where I can play in front of my friends and family. With the addition of coach Nussmeier, I feel it's a place where I can get my potential reached. The program can only go up from here."

Heaps will visit North Carolina, Tennessee, Notre Dame and California in February. He's still trying to make plans to visit LSU and Colorado, and the sooner the better. "I'm trying to get all these visits that I possibly can and evaluate the schools as fast as I can to get a decision out. It's going to be researching constantly, looking over which schools, which opportunities, which places are best for me. It's going to be a crazy little bit, but we're looking hard at each school and we have to figure out which school is best for me."

Who lands a top class for 2009 will play a role in Heaps' final decision. "The class of 2009 is the kids that I'm going to be playing with. You have to be surrounded by good talent in order to win football games. If you don't have that talent around you, it's going to make it difficult to win. It's something we're looking into and evaluating. We also know that the 2010 class is one I can have a huge influence on no matter where I go. I just want to have the best players around me."

And when will be the next evolution? When will Heaps trim his list to five? "I know I'm going to get it down to a top-5 eventually, but I'm not sure exactly when. We're not quite there yet. It could be tomorrow or it could be a few months from now."

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