Delino DeShields talks about his future plans

Delino DeShields talks about his future plans

Sometimes being the son of an accomplished father is a blessing and others it is not.

"If I was to go to the (baseball) league, I would work hard to be better than he was," added Delino DeShields, the son of Delino DeShields that played second base for the Expos, Dodgers, Cubs, and Cardinals. "I wish I had my own name, to be truthful. People always say I am getting this attention because of my dad, which they are right, but I feel like I am a pretty good baseball and football player too. I just wish I got the publicity on my own."

Delino is following in his father's footsteps in more ways than one.

"My dad was an All-American in basketball, baseball, and football. I feel that is why he got so much publicity in high school. He led his team to four different state championships. He won one in football, baseball, and two in basketball. Dad actually signed with Villanova in basketball, but he got drafted in the 1st round by the Expos and ended up going where the money was. He told me that basketball was his first love. He just played baseball and football for the heck of it. He just went where the money was."

Delino Jr is a big time prospect in both football and baseball. What kind of advise is his father giving him?

"He wanted me to just stick with baseball. I took a year off from football my sophomore year and had a really good year in baseball that year. I batted .592 with 14 HR's, 15 doubles, and 35 stolen bases. We lost in the quarterfinals. But then I came back and played football my junior year and had a good year. I had like 83 carries for 803 yards and 12 TD's. I started playing cornerback at the end of the year and did well there too. So he told me if I wanted to play football, to play football. He just wants me to make sure it is the right thing to do."

Which sport is his first love?

"Baseball, because my dad played, and I have been around it all of my life. I did not even stat playing football until middle school. But I tell you what, I was always a better baseball player than I was at football, but football is up there after this year. I can not really tell which sport I am better at now. I am preparing myself to play both."

Play both on the college level?

"If the money is not right (in the baseball draft), that is what I want to do. It is important for me to have the opportunity to play both sports on the collegiate level."

Which colleges have offered DeShields a scholarship in football?

"Ole Miss, Connecticut, Georgia Tech, Central Florida, Stanford, and there is one more. I just can never think of them."

Outside of the colleges who have offered; who is showing a lot of interest?

"Alabama sends a lot of stuff. Florida sends a lot of stuff. Duke, Clemson, and Oregon. Those are the schools that send me the the most (letters). FSU does too. They send me a lot of stuff early on in my recruitment, but I have not heard as much from them lately."

Which colleges stand out in football?

"I have not really sat down and thought about it. I do not want to go north because I do not like the cold, but I like Clemson, Florida, and FSU right now."

What stands out about Clemson's football program?

"They have a nice campus. They also have a good two sports program in football and baseball. That is kind of important in my decision. I do not know. I have always kind of liked Clemson."

And Florida?

"It is the same thing; they are really good at both sports. I know Florida, FSU, Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Ole Miss are really good at both sports. I do not know much about Stanford, UConn, or UCF. Those are the main schools."

What about baseball?

"I mostly hear from Central Florida, Tennessee, and Stetson."

Any future visits on tap?

"I am going down to see Ole Miss on April 11th. A few of my teammates are coming with me. DE Henry Anderson and RB Juwan Thompson are coming with me."

What does Delino know about Ole Miss and what does he hope to learn?

"I do not know much right now. I know they are ranked #11 in baseball and they finished in the Top 15 in football last year. The only thing I really know about Ole Miss outside of that are their coaches. They are really cool. I talk to Coach (Terry) Price all of the time. He told me to come down there and check things out, so I am. They have a big scrimmage that day. I am just going to look at their depth chart to see if I can play or not. I will check out their staff some more, to see if I can get along with the rest of their coaches. Do I feel like there is a connection with them or not? That is always good. Coach Price told me that I could play both sports if I go down there. That is good. He said they do not mind me playing both sports at all. He said if I signed a football scholarship, it would free up a baseball scholarship. I think he told me they have a couple of football players playing both sports."

Anymore visits planned after Ole Miss?

"No, I do not have any lined up after that."

Any past visits?

"I went on an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech in early March. It is right down the road from where I live, but I do not plan on going anywhere else but Ole Miss."

What stood out about the G.T. visit?

"The locker rooms are nice. I also liked their cafeteria. You can order all different kinds of food. Their weight room and their training room were really nice too."

Which position does Delino feel like his skills are best suited for in football?

"Running back because I played there my whole life. I am kind of built like a running back too. I feel more comfortable there than any other position."

What are his strengths at cornerback?

"I can cover and jump. If you want to come to my side too, I can light you up. I love to hit." Recommended Stories

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