Scout's Take: Corey Robinson

Breakdown and Analysis of newest South Carolina Commitment Corey Robinson.

Scout's Take: Corey Robinson

The SEC is one of the top conferences in the country year in and year out. The biggest reason for that is the athletes that man the Defensive Lines. Because of this there is a premium on athletic OL who can not only match-up with the quicker DL, but can also get out to the 2nd and 3rd levels. The Gamecocks of South Carolina have added just such a player to this year's class.

Below is a list of the Pros and Cons of the skilled big man out of Havelock, NC.


Size--Has a good frame with outstanding length. Already close to 300 pounds, it appears that he can easily hold more weight. Upper body looks to be slightly ahead of lower body, in terms of development, but a major-college weight program will rectify that. Increase in size may actually bump him out to Tackle.

Feet--Outstanding feet for a young man his size. Has a quick first step and is very light on his feet as he navigates through traffic on his way to the 2nd and 3rd levels. Consistently keeps feet under him, which allows for a solid base. This keeps him from lunging or overextending.

Natural Strength--Consistently gets movement at the point of attack, which suggests an element of explosiveness. When he does use his hands and gets extension, he is rarely, if ever, over-matched.


Flexibility--While he pulls and maneuvers as well as about any OL his size, he has a tendency to play high. He remains high on contact and while he can often over-match his opponents at the HS level, this will not work versus BCS-level defenders. The main reason for his inability to play (and stay) low is his lack of flexibility in his knees and ankles. Another reason may be that he simply has a bad habit of playing high, but only time will tell.

Tenacity--Robinson can be vicious at the point of attack, but he too often shows an inability to finish plays. Is a good drive-blocker and does an outstanding job of maintaining contact, but any contact made off the LOS (pulls, 2nd and 3rd-level climbs) is not continued.

Hands--Doesn't always bring his hands with him, which keeps him from getting inside position, extending and controlling his man.

Final Analysis

Robinson is a good pick-up for the Gamecocks, primarily for two reasons. He has excellent size on a frame that can hold much more and he is exceptionally athletic. His technique is raw and there are bad habits, but he has the feet and length to be a solid SEC OL down the road. When that happens will be determined by how quickly he develops and how coach-able he is.

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