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Bisi Ezekoye

Bisi Ezekoye is shooting up the charts on his way to being one of the most highly recruited athletes in the state of Maryland. Bisi was recently named to the Maryland Crab Bowl Super Sixty and was also invited to represent the game at the press conference at Towson University. Ezekoye is hitting the trail hard and just got back from visiting the University of Connecticut.

Bisi Ezekoye is one of those kids that you can just tell is going to make it in whatever aspect of life he chooses. Not only is he a standout high school football player, he is also a terrific young man. Blessed with intelligence and top-notch athleticism, Bisi is also a gentleman and a scholar.

"I went up with my Dad, my brother, and my two little sisters," says Ezekoye. "The first thing we did was tour the football facilities. The first thing that came to my mind was, wow, this is nice. It is a brand new $50 million dollar facility. Everything is there at the facility so the players don't have to wander around campus to do what they need to do. Everything is in the same spot, the indoor facility, the weight room, the locker room, training facility, and most importantly to me the study hall and academic support team. Everything is so conveniently located. Everything is top-notch and brand new. I toured the entire place with my family and one more defensive back who was from Massachusetts."

"My favorite part about the tour was getting to sit down with the head of the academic support team. My Dad and I got to ask questions and had everything answered right there on the spot. Academics are the most important aspect of my decision in what school to choose. At UConn, the academic support team is a fully independent functioning body, meaning that they do everything on their own and then report to the school first. After that they report back to the football coaches, but I really like that they emphasize academics so much."

"The business school is one of the top business programs in the entire nation and I know that a degree from there would go a long way towards achieving my goal of double majoring in economics and political science, with finance major. All of these programs are offered at Connecticut, which is a definite plus."

"I had a chance to sit down with (Head Coach) Randy Edsall. He told me that they are recruiting me to play cornerback. Coach loves the fact that I am a playmaker. They look for four things when recruiting a high school athlete. Number one is can that player help them win a championship. Number two is that the player has to have academics as a top priority, which I feel I do. Number three, the player has showed enough athleticism on film so that the coaches know they will fit into the scheme they are running. Number four, the player has to have good character, both on the field and within the community. Coach says that every kid they recruit have to check out on all four aspects, and Coach told my Dad that I fit into all four categories and that they were happy to be recruiting me."

"I was impressed with their program. I consider them one of the best programs in the Big East. They had a first round draft pick this past year in Donald Brown. They are also concerned with developing young men for later on in life. Priority number one is getting your degree, priority number two is playing football, in that order."

"I am in the recruiting process as an athlete, so whenever I hear different positions I trust the coach's decision making. I know that I am an athlete and that I can adapt to whichever position they want me to play. I have heard almost every position, including running back, wide receiver, safety, corner, even quarterback at some smaller schools. It makes me feel good that so many different schools have confidence in my athletic ability and think that I would fit in at so many different positions. Being a quarterback in a spread option attack in high school gives me a chance to show my athleticism. Schools see my speed and athleticism on film, so I am not bound to one position."

"Connecticut offered me back in May, and since then I have wanted to go check out the campus. I am glad I finally got to go up and see what they had to offer. I came away very impressed with everything I saw. It was definitely the nicest football facility I have seen so far."

"I still do not have a specific timetable as to when I want to commit, but I am enjoying the process and all the accolades that come with it. Being named to the Maryland Crab Bowl roster was an honor, and hearing nothing but good things from the coaches I have been talking to has been very encouraging."

Bisi lists, in no particular order, Connecticut, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Duke, Navy, Maryland, Harvard, and Cornell as his favorite schools right now.

"My lists changes pretty much every week, as I learn more about the schools recruiting me. Nothing is set in stone."

"The recruiting process has been terrific so far, I have so many people who are helping me along the way. Coach Chris Martin, from Boston College, has been like a mentor for me. He went through the whole recruiting process, and he is guiding me through my recruiting process. Joe Rankin has been working out with me, doing defensive back drills and one-on-ones, and he is helping me all the time. Every time I need something I can go to Joe and I know he is there for me. He wants to see me succeed for sure. He is only a text or phone call away, and I know I can count on him for anything."

"I also have a very close group of friends who I stay in constant touch with and we all help each other. Some of the guys I am closest with include Jeff Knox from DeMatha, Axel Ofori from Gaithersburg, Mitchell Pollard from Springbrook, (California commit) Nick Forbes, and Karim Jones from Quince Orchard are all Montgomery County kids who I will be playing in the Crab Bowl with. I stay tight with all of these guys and we all kind of look out for one another through this whole process."

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