Nike 7ON Day One Updates
Posted Jul 17, 2009

BEAVERTON, ORE. -- Updated notes from the first day of the NIKE 7ON national passing tournament with eight of the nation's top teams in attendance.

Standings Group 1

Miami Northwestern (FL) 3-0
Serra (CA) 2-1
Byrnes (SC) 1-2
Skyline (TX) 0-3

Standings Group 2

Pahokee (FL) (2-1)
DeSoto (TX) (2-1)
Lakewood (CA) (2-1)
Gainesville (GA) (1-2)

Game 6
DeSoto (2-1) vs Lakewood (1-2)

Pahokee (2-1) 29
Gainesville (1-2) 22


Desoto beat lakewood 20-13 to finish the day. Darius terrell is just a flat-out stud.  He had a great day. Ryan polite was extremely polished as a passer all day long.

5:36 PM
Headed to overtime, each team gets 4 plays to score, and Pahokee used every last one to get on the board first. Chris Dunkley with a great TD catch on fourth down and 20.  Zachary Allen with thr conversion catch again.

Pahokee's defense holds Gainesville on their possession in OT for the win.

Final Pahokee 29 Gainesville 22 in OverTime

5:29 PM
Pahokee has the ball back and Zach Allen is the man again with a long grab to the ten from Dejoshua Johnson. Chris Dunkley, playing with a bad calf or ankle, wrestles in the touchdown catch.  Pahokee has to go for two and Allen goes up for another jump ball and snatches it.  Tie game (22-22) with 13 secs to go.

5:23 PM
Pahokee's Raheam Buxton
squirts between two safeties and nearly scores in a footrace, but Gainesville holds Pahokee out of the endzone and holds onto a    22-14 lead with 5 to go.

5:12 PM
Gainesville has scored twice quickly with long passes from Blake Sims to Tailer Jones. AJ Johnson and just picked off Pahokee again.  Score is now Gainesville 22-14.

5:00 PM

Lakewood and DeSoto open the 2nd half by trading possessions in which they don't cross the 50 yardline. Lakewood appears ready to break through when Jesse Scroggins throws a perfect long pass to the endzone, only to see it dropped. Lakewood still leads DeSoto 13-6.

4:44 PM
Pahokee intercepts Gainseville and tries to run it back with five laterals just before halftime. DeJoshua Johnson is stopped before he laterals into the streaking arms of Gainesville's AJ Johnson who would have scored.

There was still time for one play for Pahokee before half. Zach Allen skied for another grab in the endzone as time expired in the half.  Refs call it incomplete after a long delay. I just call it a great play either way.  Refs aren't sure shat happened so they are allowing one untimed down. 

After much discussion the pass goes incomplete and we are still at half. 8-7 Pahokee leads.

4:42 PM
Pahokee completes a pass to Kaalum Williams who came down strong with the ball, wrestling with Daunte Carr.  TD Pahokee, and the men from the much take an 8-7 lead over Gainesville.

Jesse Scroggins hits some long passes or Lakewood to setup a short touchdown pass. Lakewood up 13-6 on DeSoto as they are about on the half.

4:38 PM
Alberto Sanabria interception had an interception for Gainesville for the first points of the game. AJ Johnson adds the PAT for a Gainesville 7-0 lead over Pahokee.

Desoto with a fifteen play drives scores on a pass to Antoine Jimmerson and draws within a point of Lakewood at 7-6

4:36 PM
Zach Allen is a linebacker commitment to Wake Forest but he is having one of the best days of any wide receiver.  Just made probably the catch of the day, skying for a pass and one handing it over defenders.

4:30 PM
Fred Pickett starting his game off with more oohs as Pahokee is driving on Gainesville. drive stalls Gainesville takes long drive to Pahokee five.  Noel knocks down fourth down pass for Pahokee to end drive. 0-0
Lakewood has a strong drive finish with a td pass from qb Jesse Scroggins.  Lakewood up on Desoto 7-0. DeSoto turns over on downs.  Scroggins again has long drive with many checkdowns on every play moving downfiwld.  Drive ends at Desoto 10 after a few overthrows

Game 5
Lakewood (1-1) 20
Pahokee (1-1) 18

DeSoto (1-1) 44
Gainesville (1-1) 21

4:09 PM
Final -- Lakewood 20 Pahokee 18. Great game. Jesse Scroggins leads Lakewood to a late touch and Brannen Kelley preserves the win by out dueling Chris Dunkley for his second pick of the day

4:00 PM
In another down to the wire job for Pahokee, Lakewood's Jesse Scroggins has connected on another touchdown pass to lift his team to a 20-18 lead with just 4 minutes left.

3:55 PM
Pahokee up 18-13 on a nice catch in the corner of the end zone by fred pickett

Gville turns over on downs. Another long drive ends with another Darius Terrell TD for desoto.  38-13 DeSoto leads, and Gainesville puts its backups in for the remainder. Final -- 44-21 DeSoto over Pahokee

3:50 PM

Darius Terrell and Ryan Polite are having their way with the Gaineville defense. Terrell makes a great catch in traffic for the td and again on the conversion.  32-13 DeSoto rolling over Gainesville.

3:45 PM
Gainesville's Blake Sims finds another open man in the middle of the field and markece robertson runs between the safeties for a. Td.  26-13 Desoto is still in command

3:43 PM
Desoto marches down on its first drive of second half and Ryan Polite throws a touchdown pass to Demarcus Thompson.  26-7

Zach Allen is a beast for Pahokee. Great touchdown grab but still down 1 to Lakewood. 13-12

3:40 PM
Both Miller and Chris have told me that they're losing power on their cell phones and live updates will slow down. Look for full analysis and pictures tonight and tomorrow (and get a blackberry, mine lasts about 4 days).

3:30 PM
Lakewood scores again on a long drive making the score 13-6 Lakewood over Pahokee at the half.

3:18 PM
Pahokee's Fred Pickett
is drawing a lot of ooohs when he catches because he is juking in open field like crazy. Nice catch by Dennis Hall from Dejoshia Johnson puts Pahokee on the scoreboard, but still trail Lakewood 7-6.

Ryan Polite to Darius Terrell again. Desoto is rolling. 20-7 with 7 left in half. DeSoto takes their 20-7 lead to halftime.

3:14 PM

After several long drives that stall Lakewood finally scores on a short td pass from Jesse Scroggins to go up on Pahokee  7-0

DeSoto's Ryan Polite is looking good at quarterback. Hit David Porter twice to put desoto up 14-7 over gainesville

3:08 PM
DeSoto wastes little time striking back as QB Polite hits Marcus Murphy to tie Gainesville 7v7

3:04 PM
Gainesville strikes first and is up a quick 7-0 on DeSoto

Game 4
Gainesville (1-0) 24
Lakewood (0-1) 21

Pahokee (1-0) 34
DeSoto (0-1) 28

Gainesville beats Lakewood 24-21

Pahokee beats DeSoto 34-28

2:45 PM
Pahokee gets the ball and instead of running out the clock, they throw a bomb to Chris Dunkley. He catches it but hurts himself. Might be a cramp by the way they are working on him.  They carry him off.

2:44 PM
Gainesville has its first lead of the day over DeSoto as Blake Sims finds Chris West over the middle for a long touchdown.  24-21 Gaineville leads DeSoto

2:38 PM
Sprinklers came on and caused a 15 minute delay.  On the second play back Gainesville's Blake Sims connects with Tailer Jones for a 45 yard catch and mostly run for td.  Lakewood leads Gainesville 21-18

Zach Allen!!  A one-handed catch in the end zone to put Pahokee back up on DeSoto 31-28

2:32 PM
Sprinkler break!  Someone forgot to turn off the automatic timers.  Feels good in this 90 degree heat

2:31 PM
DeSoto's Ryan Polite to Darius Terrell twice and desoto is back on top 28-26. They must have known Keyshawn Johnson was watching them.

2:29 PM

Jesse Scroggins ropes an out over a linebacker and between dbs for a 15 yard td.  21-12 lakewood over Gainesville

2:27 PM
Zach Allen
catches a pass for six and pahokee takes the lead. 26-21 over desoto

2:18 PM
Beautiful pass from Pahokee's Dejoshua Johnson to Chris Dunkley for 60 yards and a td to cut DeSoto's lead to  21-18.

2:14 PM
Desoto goes up 21-14 on Pahokee with a bomb on its first play of the second half to Sam Ajala

2:08 PM
Brannen Kelly of Lakewood picks Gainesville off to finish the half. Lakewood 14-6

2:04 PM
A real game-changer!  Scroggins was just chewing up Gainesville before Justin Owens pick-sixed him. Ouch!  Lakewood 14-6 with less than 2 before half

1:56 PM
to Anderson again on the very next play. Scroggins hits bailey on the pat. Lakewood 13-0 with 10 left in half

1:54 PM

Jesse Scroggins to Kevin Anderson as Lakewood draws first blood against Gainesville. 6-0. Dion bailey picks off a pass and Lakewood is in business again.

All Times Pacific

Game 3
Miami Northwestern (2-0) vs Skyline (0-2)

Serra (2-1) 35
Byrnes (1-2) 27

Game 3

1:29 PM
Up 28-0 MNW splits QB Teddy Bridgewater to WR. He runs a slant and makes a one-handed catch. Kid might be their best receiver too. And that's saying something.

1:19 PM
Byrnes gets a last second touchdown pass from Dodd to Nick Jones, but it was.  Too little too late. Serra defeats Byrnes 35-27.

1:09 PM
Serra QB Conner Preston to Shaq Richard for a TD and Preston to Robert Woods for the Serra conversion.  35-21 serra with 4 minutes left in the game. Byrnes should be done

1:04 PM
Byrnes on the attack. Dodd to lee weick, dodd to lattimore for pat.  We've got a ball game now. 28-21 serra. Robert woods just caught a bomb and was pleading with the refs that he wasn't touched but they didn't see it that way.   Serra back in business

1:00 PM
On the very first play after the QB change, MNW completes a short pass to Roy Smith who FLIES down the sideline for a 80 yd td. Bridgewater caught the extra point to put MNW up on Skyline 28-0

12:55 PM

Skyline immediately turns the ball back over to MNW, and with a commanding lead, Bridgewater enters the game at WR

Dodd completes a pass to Torian Richardson for Byrnes to help cut Serra's lead to 28-14

12:54 PM
MNW and Teddy Bridgewater pick up the 2nd half right where they left off - Td pass from bridgewater to Charles Fashaw.  Mnw up 20-0 on Skyline

12:40 PM

Miami Northwestern's Eli Rogers picks off Skylines Javia Hall to finish off the half with MNW leading Skyline 14-0.

12:39 PM
Byrnes gets on the board with a Five yard Byrnes td pass to Jazz King. At halftime, Serra leads Byrnes 28-8.

12:31 PM
Serra's George Farmer catches his 3rd straight touchdown to push Serra's lead over Byrnes to 4 scores... a pretty good time to read this Farmer, a name to know

12:27 PM
strikes again.  This time to the big te Charles Fashaw. MNW leads Skyline 14-0.

12:25 PM
George Farmer
scores his second straight touchdown after being set up by a long catch by Robert Woods. Serra takes a commanding 3 score lead over Byrnes.

12:23 PM
Serra drives again for another score, this one coming to '11 George Farmer, 14-0 Serra leads Byrnes. Serra follows up with its 3rd straight interception of Byrnes, this time Devan Spann gets back in on the action.

12:15 PM

Teddy Bridgewater
has gotten off early again. Miami 6-0 over skyline

Byrnes second play picked off by Paul Richardson. Serra marched down and scored on 4 plays. Byrnes second drive again picked this time by robert woods

Game 2

Serra (1-1) 26
Skyline (0-2) 15

Miami Northwestern (MNW) (2-0) 22
Byrnes (1-1) 14

12:01 PM

Byrnes' Pass picked off by Alex Kelly of MNW to seal the win.  MNW wins 22-14

11:59 AM
Play of the Game: Byrnes has third down and twenty with twenty secs to go.  Mnw calls timeout.

11:57 AM
Serra Closes out Skyline 26-15

11:51 AM

Byrnes pass to Nick Jones on a post for 15 yd td.  22-14 MNW leads Byrnes

11:48 AM
Bridgewater with another great pass hitting Lorenzo Shinholster on a 35 yard wheel for a td.  MNW leads Byrnes 22-6.

11:46 AM
Mike Davis of skyline flagged for taunting. Next play hall gets picked by serras devan spann who nearly goes the distance. George Farmer scores on next play for serra. Huge turnaround for cali team. They are now up 26-15

11:41 AM
Byrnes turns ball over on downs.
Joseph powell picks off serra. Skyline on move

11:37 AM
Javia hall take Skyline down in the first possession of the 2nd half for a score and pat to bring skyline to within 5 of serra. 20-15

Great fade from Bridgewater to Michael Harris for a 30 yard td diving into the endzone giving MNW a 14-6 lead over Byrnes.

11:25 AM
Jahrie Level picks off for MNW.  Byrnes is up 8-6 at half.  We will have photos and video coming tonight.

11:21 AM
Touchdown Skyline.  Five yarder to Mike Davis as halftime horn sounds. Serra Leads Skyline 20-8

11:14 AM

Skyline went three and out.  Serra is on a current seven minute drive with fourth and goal at the two. Serra scores on short out to Robert Woods20-0 Serra

11:05 AM
Teddy Bridgewater just as methodical with his first chance. Tearing up byrnes for a td and 2-pointer. Miami 8-6.

11:00 AM
Serra scores a quick touchdown on Skyline for a 6-0 lead. Skyline turns over three and out.  Next play Robert Woods turns a ten yard catch into a touchdown by outrunning two safeties with angles and running between them.

Dodd methodically drives his Byrnes team for a TD to go up 6-0 on MNW

Game 1

Game 1
Miami Northwestern (1-0) 28
Serra (0-1) 6

Byrnes (1-0) 26
Skyline (0-1) 20

Miami Northwestern vs Serra

*MNW's Bridgewater very sharp early. Up a td over serra
*Bridgewater again. This time to mike harris. Miami 16-0 over serra
*Everyone thought bridgewater was sacked and while he was giving up on the play he dumped it to corvin lamb and he went the distance.  50-yard td. Miami 22-0 going into the half.  Also just talked to Thadd Mcneal from lakewood.  Scroggins to announce sometime next week. Dion bailey 50/50 on committing somewhere while here. Ill follow up

Skyline vs Byrnes
*Tony drake just went the distance to bring skyline back to 20-14 deficit
*Chas dodd is a really good looking qb for byrnes.  Sharp and accurate. Led them right down the field but skyline held @ goalline. Skyline back on the march

10:41 AM

Final - Serra drives to mnw ten and is picked off by jerome thomas as time expires.  28-6 mnw

Skyline making a comeback - Javia hall with a post corner to mike davis. 26-20 byrnes with 1:12 left. Byrnes with the ball

10:35 AM
Serra qb picked off by Alex Kelly for MNW
MNW put in a backup qb for a series and went three and out

Byrnes on the doorstep again. This time Dodd connects with Nick Jones for the score.  They increase their lead to 26-14 with 4 left in the game

10:30 AM
Long MNW (Miami Northwestern) drive finished with a short pass to Roy Smith from QB Teddy Bridgewater for a td.

10:23 AM
Robert Woods of Serra caught a touchdown pass to cut Miami Northwestern's Lead to 22-6

10:02 AM Skyline touchdown on a ten yard fade to Mike Davis.  Really love his upside. 20-6 at halftime

9:55 AM Skyline turns over after another long drive.  Byrnes driving;  Adrian James makes a great juggling pick but out of bounds.  Byrnes turns ball over on downs.  20-0 with five mins to go in the half

9:48 AM Byrnes scores on a long drive with short td pass to torian richardson

9:45 AM Skyline was stopped on 3 straight plays

9:42AM Skyline drives but throws a pick at Byrnes 30.  Byrnes scores on two straight passes to Nick Jones

9:38 AM
Byrnes scored a touchdown on the first play of the game with a pass from Chas Dodd connecting with Jazz King for 80 yards.  Yes 80

9:12 AM
1st two games of the day
Byrnes vs Skyline
Miami Northwestern vs Serra

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