Cookie cakes for Oak Grove duo

Oak Grove had a bye this past weekend, and two of their star players took advantage of the free time by taking an official visit to West Virginia. To learn more, read below.

"Me and Jay Hughes went up to West Virginia this past weekend," added Robert Johnson. "We had to go from Jackson (MS) to Baltimore (MD) and then we went to Pittsburgh (PA) from there, and they picked us up."

What happened from there?

"They took us around got to see how the city is, and then we talked to their coaches. I spoke with Coach Gallaway, and he told us about their WR situation. They only have a couple of receivers returning next year who are on scholarship, so it is basically open to everyone. He took us to a restaurant with their head coach, and their head coach talked us to us for a good minute. We ate a steak and then we had a couple freshmen mentors take us out from there. We went to their downtown and went out to all of the hot spots. We woke up on game day, and they showed us around the weight room, locker room, and academic center. They took us back to the hotel, and we got dressed for the game. We got to the stadium and watched them warm up from the sideline, kind of like we do at the USM games. It was packed, and they won, so after the game was over we went up to sky boxes and had dinner with the coaches, their wives, and the players. We went out with a couple upperclass mentors that night again. We had to catch an early flight back home the next day, so we met with their head coach early Sunday morning. He asked us how we liked the atmosphere, and he told us how much they need us and about the character of his players. He talked all of that good talk."

Did Jay or Robert's family come with the two?

"No family, just us two. They gave us a hotel room. When we got there they had some cookie cakes in our hotel room. It was all nice. The cake was some kind of good. I think I put on a couple (pounds) (laugh)."

Was West Virginia about what Robert was expected, better or worse?

"I had a lot of people who had been to West Virginia tell me that it was another Hattiesburg (MS) , but it was a lot bigger than Hattiesburg. They do not have any pro sports in that state, so it is all about West Virginia football there. They also had a couple people who knew us from the internet. That was real cool."

What impressed's #64 rated WR the most about West Virginia?

"It had to be their fans. They love their players. I just liked how dedicated they are to their players. They had tailgaters setting up the night before. We saw some fans setting up at midnight Friday. It was a big game for them any ways. Everybody just loves their players there. All of their fans know just about every player on their team. They are just real dedicated fans."

Robert had one big question answered before he left.

"The main question I had was my major. Jay wants to major in Engineering, and I want to major in Computer Sales. They had both programs. I like how they recruit too. They get a few players from West Virginia, but not many, because there are not a whole lot of players in West Virginia. They recruit nationally. They had players from California to Florida to Louisiana to Pennsylvania, just everywhere on their team. They get players from all of the country and make it into one big family."

Before Robert left on his official visit Friday; he had his first college coach drop by his school since the contact period started in September.

"Coach Dickerson (from Ole Miss) came by Thursday. He came and saw me and Steve McNair Jr. He told me that he wanted to be the first coach to see me, and he was, so he was real happy about that. Coach Dickerson said he was going to take over Oak Grove the day he came. He was wearing Red and Blue from head to toe. It was good to see him face to face. We have that bond because they were the first school to start recruiting me, and we have been talking every since. He couldn't really talk to me because of the rules so he spoke with Coach Barr for the most part. We just smiled at each other, and I told him that I was going to call him as soon as I got back from West Virginia. He told me he was headed to see Nick Griffin at Perry Central, and that he was going to be at the (Oak Grove vs) Meridian game to see me play. One of our coaches is going to take us up to one of their next couple of games."

Another college has also jumped heavily into the picture.

"We have another game next week, but I have been talking to Auburn lately. Me and Jay got an offer from them a few weeks back, and we have been talking ever since. We are talking about taking an official visit there next, but nothing is definite yet."

Who else has Robert been talking to a lot lately?

"I have been talking to Louisville. They have been calling a lot. FSU called the other week too. That is basically who I have been talking to. I will probably start calling Syracuse soon. I have their offensive coordinator's number. He is supposed to be calling me this week."

What does Johnson look for while he is watching the teams he is interested in play on TV?

"How they are coached, what formations they run, and how they play their players. Do they sub in and out a lot? I like when they do a lot of subing. That gives the fans a chance to see everyone, and it gives more players a chance to show what they got."

Oak Grove is currently 3-0, but they lost their starting QB in the opening game of the season, and it has thrown a monkey in the wrench for everyone inv loved, including Johnson.

"Yea, I am mostly playing running back now. I only have like one catch this year. I do not know how many yards I have rushed for. I have like 1 TD so far. Steve (McNair JR) and Jay (Hughes) are switching back and forth at QB, but Steve is starting (at QB). When Steve is under center, I go to RB, and Jay goes to WR. When Jay is at QB, I go to WR and Steve goes to RB. They are just switching us all three around. We are not passing the ball much right now, but when we get our QB back, that will change. He is supposed to be able to go this week. We play our first District game against (Jackson) Wingfield Friday. If he can not go by Friday, he will for sure be back the following week. Things are about to get back to normal, but we have done real good any ways."

Yancy Porter is the Recruiting Analyst for the state of Mississippi and can be reached at Recommended Stories

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