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Information on Corey Nelson's official visit to Tennessee

The nation's third ranked OLB prospect, Corey Nelson, has been rumored to be wavering for some time on his commitment to Texas A&M. The schools in the picture are Tennessee and Stanford. Stanford seems to have a shot, with Tennessee being a long shot, since they just jumped into the picture. However, it doesn't look good for the Vols, and it doesn't seem to get any better.

The 5 star prospect was scheduled to take an official visit to Tennessee this weekend but it has been canceled. A source close to the Tennessee program says that,

"the flight times and arrangements couldn't be scheduled so it has been pushed back to the Vanderbuilt game", and that has been confirmed.

Because Skyline HS played last night, this weekend would've been ideal for Nelson to take the Tennessee visit. The likelihood of Skyline going deep into the playoffs is high, so rescheduling the visit to the Vanderbuilt game may be tough to make. While Nelson seems to be wavering at this point there's no reason to assume that he will be decommitting from the Aggie's.

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