Carter Gaining Interest

Carter Gaining Interest

The mammoth offensive lineman from John F. Kennedy High School in Cleveland (OH) recently received a huge offer from the Big Ten and has several other powerhouses following after him.

Chris Carter has flown under the radar so far in the 2011 class, but that's about to change for the giant offensive lineman.

"I'm 6'4" and I'm 325 pounds," Carter told "I'm an offensive guard and sometimes tackle. I don't really aim myself to be a lineman or watch a specific one on television. I'm just the type of player who gets the job done. If you need 10 yards, I'll get you 10 yards."

His home state Ohio State Buckeyes certainly took notice of his size and demeanor on the football field as they recently became the first school to offer Carter a scholarship.

"I believe it was on the 17th… It was last Friday. I called Coach Taver Johnson to ask him a couple of questions about the campus and he started talking to me about an offer and about my ACT and my scores. Then he said ‘We are sending you a full ride to Ohio State.'"

The Buckeyes offer certainly caught Carter's attention, as growing up in Ohio, the pride of Buckeye nation certainly stretches far and wide.

"It's a huge honor for me. When you're growing up, you're always hearing Ohio State this, Ohio State that. When you're young, you want to go to Ohio State and then when you get to high school, you still have some aims to go to Ohio State. And then for that dream to become a possible realization is just overwhelming."

The Buckeyes, however, aren't the only schools who've heard of Carter.

"I have a whole lot of schools recruiting me, but I've only received the official offer from Ohio State."

Carter also holds three other schools in high esteem so far in the early recruiting process.

"I would like to go to Morehouse, Miami (FL), or the Wolverines up in Michigan. I don't know much up Miami or Michigan but they've definitely captured my attention. I do want to get more information and talk to more of the coaches and talk to some alumni and get a lot more information."

In the meantime, Carter will focus his attention on late winter and early spring football camps and combines, as well as attending several junior days near his Cleveland home.

"I've had about four schools invite me to their camps and I plan on going to some of their camps and they have other combines I'm planning on going to. I actually have some junior days coming up that I plan on attending. Toledo invited me down and so did Michigan and I think Notre Dame invited me out there too." Recommended Stories

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