Conley talks commitment: Part II

Conley talks commitment: Part II

DALLAS, Ga. – To Chris Conley, yes means yes and on means no. He talks what commitment means to him, how Mark Richt knows about his beliefs, and more in Part II.

Chris Conley became Georgia's fifth commitment on Friday April 16 when he sent a press release through North Paulding Head Coach Heath Webb announcing his decision.

Conley wanted to share the moment with people closest to him like his family, coaches, and teammates at North Paulding before doing interviews with the media.

The 6-foot-2, 185 pound wide receiver talked with Scout about his decision a couple of days after he announced his decision and we ran Part I (Watch Here) on Monday and you can watch Part II in this feature.

He goes into great depth about his decision, why he did it the way he did, what led to him choosing Georgia over the likes of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt among others, how connected he is with Mark Richt because of their spiritual connection, and more.

In Part II, the four-star wideout specifically talks about these subjects: Conley is a man of faith and he talks about that some.
"Something Coach Richt learned about me early is that God is the first thing that comes in my life. He comes before everything else. Coach Richt understanding that has really helped us connect because that is how sets up his program to be run, he wants to put God first."

His press release was short and powerful and it showed the true Chris Conley.
"That is it right there, that is the true Chris Conley. I put everything that was in my heart and on my mind on paper so everyone could see where I am coming from and that I am serious about it."

It has been a few days since you committed, so has it sunken in yet?
"It is sinking in daily. Every day that I am out and I see the G's everywhere and I see all of the fans and the messages that I can just let me know that there are people out there that support me. ."

Conley made it clear that he is locked in on UGA.
"For me and my family, we sat down and talked about this whole process, commitment, and things like that. They made sure to tell me what commitment was before I did anything. They let me know when I commit somewhere, that kind of once you commit to someone you stop dating. Once I commit, that is it."

Find out what excites Conley most about his future in Athens.
"What excites me the most is fulfilling my purpose. I have been told my whole life that God's had a plan for me and that is the most exciting thing because I don't know what that is. I'm just excited for everything that is store for me when I get there."

Those quotes are just the beginning of Conley's answers to Scout's questions and he goes well in depth about each subject and you have to watch the interview to see just what exactly he said, how he said it, and just how mature the new Bulldog is.

You watch Part II right here in full and you will enjoy seeing UGA's fifth commitment speak in front of the camera.

From left to right: Chris Conley, Christina Conley (mother), Charles Conley (father), and Kat (sister). His older brother Xavier Conley is off at Lipscomb University and not pictured.

Chad Simmons is the Recruiting Manager for the South Region and he can be reached at Recommended Stories

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