Callaway lineman talks SEC visits

Callaway lineman talks SEC visits

The 6' 3", 320-pound offensive guard out of Jackson Callaway has toured Ole Miss and MSU several times with teammate Aaron Morris over the summer. The duo made one last stop to the two campuses last Saturday. To see how the visits went, click below.

"The visits went great," added Justin Bell. "We went over to MSU Friday for their Senior Camp and ran the vertical and forty yard dash. They told me and Aaron that we didn't have to work out anymore so we just went on some more tours. After the camp was over, we headed up to Oxford and stayed up there for the weekend."

What did MSU say to Justin during the Sr. Camp?

"They just sat me down and told me that they really needed me to come up there and perform well as a freshman. They just told me the usual stuff of what they had been telling me. You know, just how bad they need me and Aaron to be a Bulldog. They also told us about the morals up there and to lean on your fellow linemen."

Justin and Aaron have been to MSU and Ole Miss countless times over the past six plus months. What are the two trying to compare when they go on each campus?

"I can't speak for Aaron, but I was not trying to compare the two this past weekend because I had already seen both campuses several times. I went up to Oxford after the MSU camp to see if I would fit in with their community and school. I wanted to see if I would like living there if I was not even playing football."


"Everybody in the Oxford area treated me really nice. Me and Aaron went all over the community like normal people off of the streets. We wanted to get a better feel for the atmosphere up there. We didn't want anybody to know we played football or anything. Like Saturday, we drove over to Walmart to see how everyone would treat us. Everyone was so nice and polite and nobody knew us. You know when you go on these recruiting visits everybody is going to treat you well so we wanted to see what it was really like. Everyone was just as nice outside of the football community as they are on campus. It's great."

And what about MSU's community?

"I already knew how I fit in up there at MSU but I didn't at Ole Miss until this past weekend. Now I know where I stand with both towns."

Is Justin starting to get a better feel at which community he fits in better?

"It's great in Oxford and Starkville. I couldn't go wrong, but yes, I am definitely starting to get a good feeling at where I need to be."

Bell and Morris arrived back in Jackson Sunday night and the next 24 hours was an eventful one for Bell.

"I got home and got a call asking me if I had seen the rumor on the internet that MSU had pulled my offer. I told my friend that I had not. I called my coach to see what was going on, and he called the MSU staff, and they told him that the rumor was not true."

MSU followed up with an email.

"They emailed me apologizing about that stuff getting started but said it was just bad information. They told me they still were counting on me being a Dog. A few minutes later someone from the MSU media emailed me and apologized for the whole ordeal. He explained to me that he would have never put up something unless he thought it was true. He said the information just ended up being wrong and he was sorry about it."

Did all of this leave a sour taste towards State?

"It did get to me at first (laugh), but I guess that happens in this business. I have let it go."

Does Bell think Ole Miss is now the better fit?

"I can't tell you that right now (laugh). I don't want to say right now, but I do plan on committing between August 25th and September 3rd. We play our jamboree game and then our first regular season game between those dates. I am going to make it public during that time-frame."

What will be the biggest factor when it does come decision time?

"I want to see who they are bringing in and how I will fit in with them. I want to see who they have committing and all."

Has Bell grown close to any of the recruits from MSU and OM?

"I really like Joe Morrow and C.J. Johnson for State, and at Ole Miss, I really like Donte Moncrief, T.J. Worthy, and me and Mitch Hall are real cool. There really are a lot of recruits for Ole Miss that I fit in good with. It seems like we have known each other for years."

Will Aaron Morris and Justin Bell be a package deal?

"No, we are not some kind of package deal (laugh). We are not set on going to the same school, but I will say the odds are better, probably around 55/45, that both of us end up at the same school (laugh). It's not because we are some kind of package deal. We just might both like the same school. That's all."

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