Newcomers report to Ole Miss

Randall Mackey

The 2010 signees and invited walk-ons reported to Ole Miss today. To find out who is now on campus and which signees are expected to arrive in the near future, click below.

Newcomers who reported today

**The following newcomers reported today:

CB Cliff Coleman, LS Will Denny, Wayne Dorsey, OL Jared Duke, FB Martez Eastland, OL Terrence Hackney, QB Witt Haggard, FB Earnest Harmon, OL Chase Hughes, Evan Ingram, LB Clarence Jackson, S Damien Jackson, OL Patrick Junen, FB Brandon Keel, QB Randall Mackey, LB Mike Marry, DT Carlton Martin, QB Jeremiah Masoli, S Brishen Mathews, QB/S Sam Noblin, RB Nick Parker, RB Jeff Scott, OL Evan Swindall, DE Mike Thomas, DE Carlos Thompson, QB/Ath Pack Toler, DE Cameron Whigham, Jarius Williams, and LB Ralph Williams.

Academic news for remaining signees

**There were no surprises on the academic front today. All of the expected signees arrived and all of the ones that we said were not expected to report today did not.

**Nutt said he feels good that the guys who did not report today (Sanders, Bennett, Delvin Jones, Tony Grimes) and believes they will be here by mid-week this upcoming week.

**He also said that none of the signees have been approved by the school to practice before being cleared by the clearinghouse, but he did reiterate that was as of this second, and that could change later today.

**There is hope that they can get Sanders and Bennett approved from the clearinghouse/olemiss or both in time for Sunday's practice.

**Delvin Jones and Tony Grimes are expected to be cleared in the Monday - Wednesday range, from what we gathered.

As Chuck alluded to up top, it looks like the NCAA now wants to check with the ACT center about the ACT test he took a second time so there really is not a definite time-frame on when Tony should hear back but the NCAA does know that practice starts Sunday, and they want to be fair to the kid and the school so it should not take them long to come to a decision.

I guess at worst they could get Tony to re-take the ACT test like they did Pat Patterson last year, but that is pure speculation on the worst case scenario for him.

This is when having a person like David Saunders in control is invaluable.

**Lastly, on Q Mireles, his situation could drag on for another week or two.

Worst case scenario is if it drags on too long; they could just delay his enrollment until December so he does not miss the whole training camp and lose a year of eligibility

Remember, he is coming off surgery on his ankle so taking a semester off to get it back 100% is not the worst thing in the world.

But again, that is worst case scenario, and there are still some people in the Ole Miss camp that feel like things will get approved at a faster pace, but there are also people within the c amp that are not as optimistic that he will be eligible for this fall, and if he is, it will not come until training camp is pretty much over.

As long as the worst case scenario is that it delays his enrollment for another semester, while he stays at Ole Miss and rehabs his ankle, well, that is a pretty good worst case scenario

Q having to go back to Miami and being re-recruited, or going the juco route, is the worst case scenario you want to avoid

**Overall, there are still some questions that have not been answered on the academic front but it looks like the two that look to be the most in question on the surface are Q Mireles and Tony Grimes.

But again, this is when having a person like David Saunders in charge is going to pay huge dividends for your program.

There is nobody better in the business, and personally, I am at ease as long as David is in charge. All I's and T's will be dotted and crossed, and he will come up with some out of the box ideas to get these signees on campus as soon as possible.

That I know for sure! Recommended Stories

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